Brain Farts #12102007

So here I am again with a stream of unrelated and irrelevant thoughts that does not have to be posted but since I haven’t updated in a while, meh.

  • I have a sore throat and last time I posted a random post like this I also had an issue with my throat. It must be the throat thinking when I do this… wuh?
  • Oooooh I’m home from birthday gift vacation. Guess where I went? 😁 heeheehee and no, I did not book under the name “joyce jimenez”, ok?
  • The last night I was here in Manila last week, I was drinking with my drinking bud, jims, several buddies and some gorgeous and friendly ladies. Whew, I was smashed (ok not really but yey to red horse!) you can find the photos on my multiply but I’m warning you, a lot of weird stuff and inside jokes going on there.
  • Photos from that drinking session that I also posted on my frenstar (and on twitter and zorpia and everywhere else) seem to have instigated a reincarnation of the exes. You wanna hear a mean story? It’s here and here. Ayan, blind item ka na naman.
  • Also confirmed that another ex is currently dating someone and that THAT someone IS THE girl they said he was “courting”. Kitams, and I was paranoid? Haaay, men. Tsk tsk
  • I learned that peng you (or is it peng yu?) means “friend”, tama ba? Someone has got to teach me basic Chinese! and someone to practice my French on please? (the language you madman)
  • I also learned that some bathrooms in fancy hotels are as large as (and even bigger than) my bedroom. I sleep in bathrooms! Banyo queen?
  • <rant>I feel like I’m wasting time trying to hunt down those who owe me money, 3 people still owe me, I don’t even know why I’m so generous to lend them money when they need it but when it’s my turn to need it, it’s hard to look for them. I’m sorry but I’m really pissed at you guys for that, I’m not rich, I have a daughter to support by myself? Consideration naman, you promised to pay in this and that time, I trusted you guys to remember doing so without having me to remind you and what happened? WALA. You ask if they could pay the loan, and what happened? WALA parin. Argh</rant>
  • Next agenda? Hire hitmen, hunt for ninja pandas to cool head off and order pizza
  • Any mention of food can change most of my moods, hindi ba obvious? ^_^
  • Cigarettes are expensive in cold places and I should quit smoking. I’ve said that before, I know, ssshh
  • I wish I could make a time machine and go back to the time the dollar was worth 57 pesos hehe
  • If I dig my backyard, would I find Yamashita’s treasure?
  • Kungfu fists are painful even if they are from babies
  • Palawan sucks. Yeah, the alien’s going there, no idea when he’ll be back and I’m bitter
  • Some people do not understand the phrase “exclusively dating and without full-pledge commitment” and some people still also do not understand the sentence “I’m not interested.”
  • Redecorating my new office/room can be time consuming
  • I should buy a new pair of black pants… My old pants have seen the last of its days all thanks to the dog we met while in vacation. 😥
  • When I got home, inuman na naman uli, pasaway
  • I should remind myself to always bring a camera to drinking sessions, never know what I can capture
  • Just make sure the batteries are charged too
  • Tomorrow I might go drink with buddies again, Jim’s coming home from HK
  • I sleep-type
  • I can’t find a photo or demotivator I’d like to share
  • Is this for fucking real? 🤬This world is fucked up a thousand times over because of bastards who do shit like that exist are still allowed to exist
  • I should stop cursing, it’s “unlady-like”
  • since when did I become a lady again?
  • I miss Borgy, really
  • You should meet him, he’s awesome.
  • I should stop now
  • bawi na lang ako on my next post coz I told you this post is pretty much useless
  • as in really stop now
  • I wonder if… oh yeah I shut up :sweat:
  • bubyes (oops)

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    1. Manotoc? NO!!!! LOL
      Yeah that news is just terrible.
      Also this blog post shows how terrible my brain thinks when I do drunken posts! So I’m also fucked up :-/

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