Brain Farts #09252007

Prepare for at bit of outburst of thoughts.

  • Today sucks like a whore giving bad head — Feverish, throat still painful and sour, voice still hoarse (not sexy bedroom husky, nope.. just freakin’ painfully scary)
  • Oh great, as if this wasn’t enough, I am now in deep seethed pain.
  • I wish my uterus was dettachable and I could just squeeze out all the gunk from in it. Could anyone make that possible?
  • Oooooh guess what I saw in my photo archives…
stack o beercans
  • I miss my cousins. I miss my friends. I miss going out. I effin miss drinking too.
  • I should quit smoking.
  • I should quit smoking and diet (yeah yeah Borgy, I hear you *sigh* we should, not I, YOU and I should *sticks out tongue*)
  • I should quit smoking, diet AND get a massage (much better)
  • Mom wants a music player. She keeps looking at me when she mentions it. I just look away and pretend I didn’t get it.
  • J wants a music player too. I am not a frekkin sugar mommy J, stop asking me to buy you an ipod. I am not even being galante with my friends and my guy, I am a cheapo. A big one at that.
  • Someone take me to watch the Resident Evil Extinction movie. I beg theeee, anyone. Anyone at all. *pleads*
  • Or take me to a vacation. In Boracay. Ok I’m not picky, take me anywhere! Just give me a good excuse to say I went on “vacation.”
  • I feel so alone tonight.
  • Stupid phone is not making any sound. Both of them.
  • No messages. No personal emails. No ym messages. Life is f’ckin grand.
  • Uh-oh. Am I depressing myself again?
  • No. I’m just bored.
  • And lonely.
  • Bored, lonely and deprived.
  • I should go back to work.
  • Can’t. Painful hell.
  • Should get out of desk and do something else.
  • Now see I want to smoke…
  • I am bad.
  • I wonder what’s for dinner.
  • Oooooh chicken. Do I want chicken?
  • Now see, no one’s messaging me! Not even mr. Y! Oooo (:| ayheytsyuz.
  • Bah!!! I’m going to bed early to get this day done with.
  • I should quit my work. I’m submitting a resignation letter to myself tomorrow morning.

PS. I have dilemmas that need answering. Should I get a pro account on flickr? I know there’s lots of other photo sharing sites out there… I kinda like flickr and the uploadr already, should I take my chances with the $25? Or do I explore others?

Should I blog about mr. Y? Of course it’s inevitable. But will it be an issue? Should I ask him upfront? Or dick around to test if he’d react?

Should I have that frigging swimming/booze/barbecue party on my birthday or not?

Are my dilemmas making even any sense at all?

9 Replies to “Brain Farts #09252007”

  1. Flickr is awesome. The 24 bucks is totally worth it, though I didn’t pay for my pro account. Zooomr is probably Flickr’s best competition. I hear they’re offering unlimited uploads for free.

    1. Hmmm I like Flickr’s simplicity and user-friendliness, I might go for the pro. Or I should look for a financer to get it for free! 😆 :sweat: Zoomr… Will check it, thanks for the heads up ^_^

  2. Ang tamang paraan ng pag-iwas sa pagyoyosi:

    1) Lumayo kay Jake The Miserable.
    2) Lumayo kay Jake The Miserable.
    3) Repeat steps 1 and 2.

    Medyo madalas din akong nakakaramdam ng “pagkalungkot,” lalo na nitong mga nakaraang buwan. May YM, walang PM. May phone, walang SMS. May landline, walang tumatawag. Manalangin tayo.

    Teka ano’ng meron diyan sa picture? Blast from the past?

    Tulad lang ng dating gawi, isang text mo lang sa’kin. 🙂

  3. sus! where is the “bottle”? I’m waiting for your entry about it…hahahaha!! careful!!! when can we repeat it again? miss the calamares stuff! hahahahha!!

    1. Oooo yeah the bottle shot. Sure. It’ll come up soon. Just give me a few days. And hey about the post-it theme, teka lang, natambakan ako ng work, hindi ko matapos tuloy sowee

    1. I have a multiply account, a very empty one hahaha. I wanted to get the Flickr account coz I have a widget to use to display my photos on this site. I’m actually going to buy the pro, I just have to organize my expenses and my budget before buying one. Pero I might also use my multiply account, I’ll have two places then. Ang gulo ko talaga.

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