Baha sa Maynila*

* translation: Flood in Manila

I’m flooded in!!! The thing is, it only rained for an hour and viola! We have an almost-waist-high flood just outside the gate. Fortunately, the water that got in the gate is just above the ankles… But who would want a stinky, disease-bringing, waste polluted, pest infested flood come your way? These photos were taken just a few minutes before I posted this entry.

This is our backyard… It could be mistaken for the amazon river or something closely related to a river.

This is the gurgling gate… It’s gurgling up trash, Not a pretty sight really… Not a pretty smell either.

And this is the view from our terrace, overlooking what’s suppose to be the road. 😕 Those are my neighbors and yes, that’s a boat. (raft, whatever)

To top it all off, the sun is already freakin’ out. Damn flood is ruining my mood. This Monday sucks.

3 Replies to “Baha sa Maynila*”

    1. hehe… at least your Monday didn’t start with a sewer-type flood 😉

      oh and by the way, I was able to get out of the house, 3 hours later….

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