Back For My Birthday

I am quite back! And for my first trick, I will saw jimsie in half…. errrr no. 😆

For my first post after my “yet another” leave, I will show everyone glimpses of what I have been up to.

Last weekend, I took up an invitation to go Manaoag, Pangasinan. I honestly am not a very religious person, but when I was invited to join the pilgrimage to the Miraculous Lady of Manaoag, I took it as a sign to get help me strengthen myself as a person. Something told me this was the escape that I needed to have, that I have longed to get.

The Lady of Manaoag

The experience was peaceful and quite fulfilling. I do not remember when the last time I prayed solemnly and sincerely but on that day, I gave myself back to faith. I prayed for family and friends and for peace of mind and heart.

Aside from this spiritual fulfillment, it was sort of a roadtrip aswell. Sadly, I didn’t have my daughter with me to cherish the moments since my mother advised me against bringing her on this beating 10-hour round trip travel upnorth. I took photos of the things I saw on the road, not much human poses involved (with the exception of me posing in a few times). This time I used my phone to take photos (last trip, my digicam was stolen). I enjoyed the on the road experience although my butt fell asleep after all those times seated.

You can find more photos on my multiply album: Road Trip: Manaoag – although you have to be a contact to view all of the photos.

I came to the house tonight from a business meeting with mixed emotions. I am disgusted at myself because of the “pollution” that surrounded me throughout the time I was out. I was sad because I miss “him”, and for some reason, I longed for him to take me away although I know it would be a wayward dream – I have learned to shield this melancholy from everyone. I was on percolate, I am driven by work ahead, and lastly, I was happy because for some reason the house felt different tonight… it felt more like home.

My birthday might pass without me celebrating it. I don’t know it would probably be just another ordinary day. Unless someone does make it special. Heh. A virtual note, a photo of yourself or a pet with a greeting card for me, anything… That would make me happy. In case I’m not online later, thank you in advance for those who would greet me online. Thank you also to those who already have.

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  1. ohhh..hi joiz its your Bday?…happy bday..and good u comeback…sometimes our dear god allow odd moments n our life for us to back in his faith..good luck & godspeed many more bdays to come merry xmass na rin.. T.C. lagi..

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