About to Fray

It’s 2 am already and I have been crying for the past two hours.. I’ve had enough of this crap we call life. I no longer know where it is heading and I don’t know if I’m strong enough to go on.

Well I’m not feeling myself today
Just a figure in a big monopoly game
Struggle is the price you pay
You get just enough just to give it away
I’m sinking more than floating away
Just throw me a line so I can ache in my pain
The fabric is about to fray…

~ Strong Enough to Break, Hanson

4 Replies to “About to Fray”

    1. sigh… I don’t know… I guess I just have too much in my mind right now… separation anxiety… but I’m feeling a bit better.. Thanks for the cheer Colleen. 😀

  1. That poem – and what you wrote before it sounded really dark. I have written a few of those myself, and I hope you feel better. Sometimes it can be helpful to have it said.

    I hope you feel better 🙂

    1. hey good to see you here! I’m still problematic but who isn’t? That’s not a poem, it’s a stanza from a song, it’s well written and yes, brooding.

      I’m feeling much much better thank you 🙂

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