Striding With The Women’s Stride Virtual Run

So jogging is fast becoming an integral part of my life. That’s a surprise even to myself. I used to work out but I don’t run, so this is all new territory to me. I run the risk of sounding cliche but it feels really good to grab my trainers, go outdoors, and just run. It’s personally just therapeutic.

Last February, I decided to register myself to’s Women’s Stride virtual run for March. The run is in celebration of International Women’s month.

Of course I joined 50K again. The run takes place for the whole month of March. So unlike the Balik Alindog virtual run, I had more days to complete the same distance.

I run every afternoon instead of mornings because I spent late nights working on a project. There were days that I just couldn’t pull myself off work but since I really wanted to finish this virtual run, I really made time to run most days (and catch up on days that I can’t).

I had some jogging sessions where I got Ash to join me and then she stopped accompanying me when this one time I doubled the distance I promised to do that day. I’m sorry and also not sorry. :mrgreen:

I’m happy to say that 50km was easier compared to my January 50k, not just because I had more days to complete it, I was running longer distances for a shorter duration. I’d like to think that my body is getting stronger. Maybe next time I can manage a longer distance? Let’s do it! 😀

I got my entitlements last April 12 and went straight to Instagram to announce it 😆 I love the comments left by friends and passer-bys. It’s really motivating, I’m very invigorated, and I really hope I can keep this up. 🙂

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