2007 Birthday

People born on the month of November are the sexiest (the sleeziest too? heehee joke!) in the face of the planet. No, do not argue with my alcohol-influenced generalizations here, shut up. Lemme just greet all the sexy men and women who celebrated and will be celebrating their birthdays this month. Happy birthday to you guys! :woohoo:

On a serious note, I know I have been depressed and have been in a weird mood for the past several days (or is that several months? or maybe even years?) up to till two hours before my birthday last Wednesday night. It was then when a glimmer of hope emailed itself to me.

Emailed? Hi-tech na ang emotions ngayon? Oh yes, di nyo ba alam yun? Oh but I digress. My point is, it was my birthday last Thursday, when I thought things would look very bleak, it wasn’t really really such a disappointing day. And I should be updating my profile everywhere that still says I’m 22.

My friends keep asking me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I kept saying it’s hard to decide since it’s a weekday and I wanted something different this year. Every year, I only honored my natal day with nothing more than sharing pasta (ispadeti anyone?) or ice cream or the small round cake from Goldilocks or Red Ribbon with the family or maybe with a few friends. I was hoping I could gather up everyone and have drinks and dinner. I know I have the means now unlike 5 years ago that I could not afford to have a debut. I know a lot of friends expected me to have a grandiose kind of party or whatever and I would have if someone urged me to. Instead, I spent most of my day with myself, pondering. I thought it was the best time to stop, sit down, and look around… really look around.

In a span of 3 years, I experienced being pregnant with so little support from the guy who’s suppose to share parenthood with me. I faced the cruel and biased lashing of the conservative society for being a single parent. I got cheated on. I encountered accidents I never deemed possible. I uncovered so many secrets that have altered my life in so many ways. Too many people close to me died, left, and disappeared. I got mentally harassed, emotionally abused and physically hurt. The last few years of my life was shaky, stressful, disturbing and psychotic. And even if my special day this year wasn’t exactly different either, I could strongly say that the worst of the storm has already passed. I am blessed. I survived.

I survived kasi masamang damo nga daw kasi ako :gross: but seriously, I know I would probably be in a straight jacket by now or buried 6 feet under, if it weren’t for the existence of my family and friends. And even if I didn’t exactly spend my birthday with any of you, I am still greatly thankful to everyone who have become a part of my life.

For this birthday, I didn’t wish for anything material or for a grand celebration, I just wish that I’d still be sharing my life with everyone I know now in the years ahead. Andrama noh?

From sexy to emo… Have you seen a more abnormal post than this? Oh wait, no don’t answer that question.

I’d also like to say thank you to those who remembered my birthday: SimonGino, Jimsie, KarmiJake, kuya Noy, RJ, kuya Ross, Roma, kuya Dindo, Henry, kuya Gerald, Glen, Frances, Shabby; everyone who greeted me at WTF especially to my family over there Colleen, Travis, and Chris; my former officemates: EsterAnna, Donna, Ivy, Ryan, Fredz, kuya Mark; my friends from high school: Chesca, Roslynne, Anmi, Charm, Nicole, Ginel, Renmark, Charina; people from the neighborhood Aubrey, Mharc, kuya Jack; my cousins Mark and ate Chris; my folks. Did I miss anyone out?

Thanks guys. You made my day. Where the hell are my gifts? 😀

12 Replies to “2007 Birthday”

  1. One round of Facebook beer coming up! LOLZ

    I don’t really know you, but I think you’re a very strong woman. And I admire you for that. So, kelan painom mo? 2 Red Horse and a mini pizza lang sa IC’s, solb na ‘ko. Heh.

  2. hey mama joiz… i posted a birthday greeting on your friendster profile. have u seen it na? nah… don’t give so much time and effort in viewing it. its just one of those free image that you can post on freindster/myspace profiles. hehe… just wishing u a belated happy birthday… 🙂

  3. hi joiz belated happy birthday isa ka ba dyan sa mga pwet na yan hehehe. Bilib ako sa mga single parent at sa tingin mas maganda maging single parent kesa pakisahaman ang lalaki na sa tigin mo eh magiging pabigat lang. More birthdays to come joiz 🙂

  4. People born on the month of November are the sexiest (the sleeziest too? heehee joke!) in the face of the planet.

    I AGREE! I AGREE! hahahaa I’m a November baby 😉

    1. Hahaha Baddie was able to comment something decent because when he posted, that photo wasn’t loading. You should have been here when the image won’t resize and took up every space in the screen, that would probably make it more distracting 😆

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