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This is not how I imagined this will go, but here we all are…

Rebuild is in progress. I’m stretching my timelord powers by going back and forth in time. That is, I am republishing some of the old posts one by one, appending and stripping away some of the writings; while at the same time, creating new posts. If something looks broken, please let me know. I also ask for more patience. Thank you!

For now, enjoy what is still here. πŸ‘‡ Ok? Alright? πŸ‘βœŒπŸ––

Working hard to bring back the full website

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Take the stairs Eat well Use sunblock Prefer water (and hail hydrate!) Seek positive content Create Brag about others Be present I’m sure I’ll add to this list, but I wanted to preserve what’s currently on my mind. Call it what you will, but I think this a decent checklist of habits I need to …