Saveth the Aliems!!!

my alien zakiIn 6 months, an alien planet is going to be destroyed by a meteor and will wipe out the entire 10 million population of cute aliens.

To all ye Facebook addicts, I implore you! Help save an alien! We’re asked to adopt these aliens (one alien for one human, each alien is uniquely generated by an algorithm). When you’ve selected the one you like, you adopt it and the alien is transported safety to Antarctica. You can then do a few things with your alien – download images of it, use a tool to add images of your alien into your own photos, etc. And if you really love your alien you can buy a shirt with it on it. I’m guessing the maker of this app will get filthy rich if people’s altruistic tendencies extend to fictional aliems from outside space.

Experimenting Kids

I’m having a migraine but when I read this… heeheehee 😆

But that’s just one of the reasons to not mind the migraine…

I haven’t checked my adsense page in weeks and when I peeked in today this is what it says on my payment history page…


This will be my chance to try the Western Union Payment Method.Think of me as an experimenting kid as well. I’m not taking my clothes off though.

Can it be October 31 now? Please?

Meebo Firefox Addon?


If you do not really like a tagboard for spammers to linkbomb but want to be contacted instantly by your readers without having to be waaaaay off topic on the comment area of your latest post, then maybe Meebo might do you some justice. It’s the little widget on my sidebar just below the searchform.

Meebo also bridges all the major IM services (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, ICQ, and Jabber). But up until now, you had to go to to use it or go to a partner Website that embeds the Meebo widget. Yep, you heard me, up until now.

Text Lingo

This is a repost, but since I’ve been uber stressed with my upgrade to Dexter (details will be posted some other time, if I feel like it) and things were very shitty last week, you are not allowed to complain. 😈


Hila me, hinto you

Taken on my way to MOA via the Sucat-Baclaran jeep.

Blog Action Day: Get Your Act Together Humans!

You say cockroaches, rats, flies are the dirtiest creatures in the world? I disagree, although yes they are filthy guys, humans are still the friggin dirtiest creatures around. We have no regard to other humans, to our animal brethrens and to our environment.


You think that’s fun? It could be for children, but when you see boats/rafts instead of cars/bikes on the road then something is very very wrong.


That trash bag may have been yours. And even if it’s not your trash, even if it’s not your streets, does that mean you shouldn’t care about where the trash is supposed to really go? Are we just to tolerate other people while they throw their crap just anywhere? And we complain how fuckin’ dirty our streets are…


This may not be your street now, you may not be directly affected now, but what about tomorrow? Next month, Next year? What if your children and their children’s children were to be feeling the effects of our nonchalance now, do we not even stop and think about it? Tell me, when will WE get our friggin act together? When the whole world’s drowned in our own shit? X-P

Blog Action Day!

Photos were taken outside my house’s gate last August 17, 2007 just around lunch time. I own these images, you are not allowed to use them anywhere without my written permission, ya’hear?

Fortune Cookies… In Bed

I have an app in Facebook called Fortune Cookies and what it does is… very much what a fortune cookie does. :sweat:

I never gave too much attention to it, until I turned on the “in bed” mode tonight.

You won’t find it unless you go look for it…in bed.

One day it won’t hurt anymore…in bed.

Go see a movie. You need a break…in bed.

Everything will be fine…in bed.

You will become a different person…in bed.

Skill comes from diligence…in bed.

Go back a little to leap ahead…in bed.

You are more attractive than you think…in bed.

Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise and balance…in bed.

Someone will share a secret with you…in bed.

And the latest I got…

Facebook Fortune Cookies… In Bed

Hmmm 😈 😆

Ok I go offline now.

Lightening Up: Peek into My Desktop

After the bad news, I am still trying my best to concentrate on my work, I have everything setup here in the office for me to be produtive, but who am I kidding… Death is not something you could shrug off that easily.

I have been bumming around for the last 26 28 hours (I can’t sleep and it took me 2 hours to finish this post lol) pondering and letting my mind wander. I hate that I feel useless and I’m not getting anything done but I could breathe easy that after informing clients of my mental/emotional situation, the pressure seem to have lightened for now.

In lighter news, Baddie tagged me yesterday to show what my desktop looks like. I really have nothing to show off but eh.. Oh wells… Here is the desktop of mon ordinateur plugging Baddie’s website.

My Busy Desktop?

A bit of explanation? *heaves a sigh and trudges along to tour you around my desktop*

Site Pimpin’

After 3 months of startup attempts, the Bayanihan SEO Contest of SEO Philippines was reopened last October 1, 2007 with the client-side requirement finally working. Along with its opening, I’ve released 2 blog themes (one for blogger and one for wordpress) related to the contest. But the details I will withhold for now since I’m busy as hell and couldn’t upload the files for them. For now, I’m just pimping two of the sites I’ve refurbished the designs for (aside from the blog themes I mentioned), which also happen to be entries for the Bayanihan SEO Contest.

Major Says

Paradise Philippines

Good luck, guys!

Blagh! Time Out!

As I was eating my breakfast in front of the computer, while reading my feed subscriptions, I got to Bulitas’ most recent post “Foul” and lookie what I found…

A happy bunch of UST Salinggawi Members during the UAAP Opening.

Great! Just a nice effin way to start the morning. I really have no time to waste since I have deadlines but I have a few minutes to spare… So I followed the link from where it came from and immersed myself to the x00 (and counting) commentaries thrown all over regarding the photo.