Don’t Call to Get ExpUse Number for Paypal

A lot of bloggers talk about how they are using Unionbank’s EON to withdraw their funds from Paypal and how they got their expanded use number by calling the Unionbank customer service center.

The expanded use number or the EXPUSE number is a requirement to lift the sending limits in Paypal. If using a credit card, a $1.95 fee is charged from the credit card and the EXPUSE Number would normally be received on their billing statement the next month.

In the case of Unionbank EON CyberAccount users, you would have to call to get the EXPUSE number. But as I’ve found out from Pinoy Money Talk:

Do You Know When Your Site is Down?

From the uber informal and useless series of posts, a very geeky and information embedded post might be a shock for some. But anyways, this will probably catch the interest of bloggers and website owners alike since we all dedicate a fraction of our (if not our whole) time daily to maintaining our blogs and websites. Uptime is very important to a website, and in turn it is important that the server where the website resides is always to almost always accessible. Everyone who owns a website wants their website to experience minimal or no downtime because if the site always seem to be experiencing downtime, network failure, system outage or connection failure, either or both can happen:

The Birthday

People born on the month of November are the sexiest (the sleeziest too? heehee joke!) in the face of the planet. No, do not argue with my alcohol-influenced generalizations here, shut up. Lemme just greet all the sexy men and women who celebrated and will be celebrating their birthdays this month. Happy birthday to you guys! :woohoo:

my butt would like to greet you

On a serious note, I know I have been depressed and have been in a weird mood for the past several days (or is that several months? or maybe even years?) up to till two hours before my birthday last Wednesday night. It was then when a glimmer of hope emailed itself to me.

Emailed? Hi-tech na ang emotions ngayon? Oh yes, di nyo ba alam yun? Oh but I digress. My point is, it was my birthday last Thursday, when I thought things would look very bleak, it wasn’t really really such a disappointing day. And I should be updating my profile everywhere that still says I’m 22.

Because I’m a Girl

This is the edited, cleaned, clipped, all-the-drama-in-the-world-removed version of this post. It was just too personal to keep the thoughts published. Maybe next time when my brain gets fried up again or something.

The video below leaves an ache here in the heart, especially tonight, more than ever. So yeah, I’m basically drowning myself in emoshit 2 days before my birthday.

But really, you’ll love this video. The song’s Korean but the message’s universal. *sigh* Also added a translation at the very bottom if you want to know the meaning of the song.

Because I’m a Girl

Nokia has a Video about Web 2.0

I’m being so geeky again. Aha all too well, found Nokia’s Viral video about web 2.0 on YouTube. Chuckled over the guys running away from a big Facebook pokey pokey finger… heh tell you I’m really shallow.

Kinda upbeat song, kinda funny vid.

I’m bored and I’m being a nerd. What a combo! :sweat:

What the hell am I still awake for, anyway? Sheeez it’s 4 in the morning! hehehe

Going Grunge and My Seven Sins

When you’re nursing a migraine, a stiff neck and a runny nose for the last 39 hours, you tend to do weird things. I was playing with my Graphire — drawing the usual, anime and spidey man figures– when I decided to make a new header for my blog. By now, you should already realize that when I say I want to tweak and modify my header, I tend to change everything. This header modification is not an exception. And I present you my latest mistake, teh grunge makeover!!!


Yearbook Launch!

Sorry for the two-posts-a-day thing going on lately. I’ve been busy haven’t had time to publish the posts on the day I was suppose to publish them.

Anyhow, yesterday was a great day for me (and so is today! But that’s a different story…), I got to see my batchmates during college in our yearbook launch. Yeah! Finally our yearbook is here!

Algorisme 2005

20 Months!! Yay for Fiona!!

Time seems to fly. One day she was just a small bundle that fits exactly in the fold of my arms… Now she’s an overly energetic, overly curious, overly zealous, overly carefree 14-kilo toddler. My baby is now 20 months old. It feels great to be mom even if there’s always chaos when she wails and even if it looks like a tornado passed by the whole house everyday.

She likes making faces. Awfully cute and even if you’re overly irritated with her stubbornness, you can’t help but laugh when she pulls an innocent face on you.

I’m a ____ Blogger?

Just before getting back to work, curiosity got the best of me and I find myself answering a meme when I don’t have to. This came from the Blog Action Day website. Yeah they have quizzes in there now. I keep going back because I absolutely love the background color, reminds me of chocolates.

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

The scores are as follows: