Letter From The Ghost of Joiz Past

This was taken out of my real journal (yeah, I have one, got a problem with that?). The names were changed to keep my friend’s identity somehow under the radar. I don’t remember when I wrote this entry exactly because I didn’t put a date on the page. I do know this entry was written sometime mid-2010, so that isn’t so long ago.

+ + +

Dear future Joiz,

I’m writing you this to remind us of how you were when you were just 25 years old. I/we/you don’t know how to refer to ourselves, so for consistency’s sake, “you” will be used.

Fairy Tale Sale: Happy Ending Not Included

He was new in town. No, wait. He’s new to the country. He’s a student who had gone to one of his best buddies’ country for the summer. She was a geek who knew one of his best buddies.

He stayed for a month. A couple of days into his vacation, they met. At a local convenient store of all places.

He never thought he’d cross paths with her. She never thought her life would connect with his. At first it was just fleeting flirts, hanging out with friends and eventually went into a full blown relationship.

A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes

written the morning of June 29, 2010.

+ + +

I had a musical dream. I was going to sing with a band. The other members were familiar, but now that I try to think about it, I can’t remember who they were. I had to learn the song on the day of the performance itself. I was singing the song, I had the lyrics in my hand while I practiced.

In my dream, I knew this song, but when I woke up I couldn’t even remember the tune. I can’t recall even a line from it! The song was “popular”, but it sounded like an original.


I’ve never been one to bring a journal along wherever I go. But I thought since I didn’t update my blog all too often this year, it was time I put my life in a journal. My thoughts have been a mess and I need a repository of ideas while I was on the go.

And Then I Sucked Some More

Early this year, I said I’d start updating my blog again. But then reality took over and projects, tasks & responsibilities piled up. And piled up. And piled up.

So that promise never gave fruit. Until today.

Maybe the thing that has hindered me from blogging again was because the site has become too old for me. There were old posts I didn’t want to look back to anymore, and the design. Dear god, the design was no longer working for me.

And so I allowed my whole site to be stagnant. But my life wasn’t.