On Frats and Sors

January 17, 2006

Someone from my alma mater recently died, alledgedly killed during a fraternity initiation. It was all over the news last weekend and it was indeed a shocking and sad issue. My condolences to my schoolmate’s family.

The probability of endagering yourself during some frat event is one of the many reasons I never had any major interest with frat men. I don’t like the idea of public humiliation, ordering the person around with some difficult job, beating that same person into pulp just because he wanted to be part of your brotherhood. And when you do survive that ordeal, there’s the disciplinary actions, the risks of being in a frat war, etc.


Jour Stupide

January 12, 2006

Ok, for starters, that title is not a typo, nor am I using LOLcat at the same time pointing to someone as stupid. It’s French for stupid day. I’m having a very bad day and everything is… well… stupid.

Priorites, priorites, priorites…

I’ve had it with it. Since day 1, I’ve been nagged over and over that I can’t have the things I used to have; I can’t spend my money on myself anymore, I have responsibilities and those responsibilities should come first. I had to give up my night life, give up partying, give up my youth entirely. And what do I get in return? Right now, absolutely nothing. Noone has the same priorities that I have. Noone has the same responsibilities I got. Noone understands what I feel. I can only depend on myself and it sucks big time.


First Ever

January 4, 2006

I am Joiz and this is the very very very first post of this blog. I don’t know what made me make another one of this blogs but I hope this would become more productive than the last attempt.

Although I think the first blog post should be quite informative and filling for the next few other blog posts, or at least introduce myself, or explain why I bother to build a blog for myself, I’m gonna have to put it off for next time.

PS: I have to work on this blogs’ template…