Jour Stupide

January 12, 2006

Ok, for starters, that title is not a typo, nor am I using LOLcat at the same time pointing to someone as stupid. It’s French for stupid day. I’m having a very bad day and everything is… well… stupid.

Priorites, priorites, priorites…

I’ve had it with it. Since day 1, I’ve been nagged over and over that I can’t have the things I used to have; I can’t spend my money on myself anymore, I have responsibilities and those responsibilities should come first. I had to give up my night life, give up partying, give up my youth entirely. And what do I get in return? Right now, absolutely nothing. Noone has the same priorities that I have. Noone has the same responsibilities I got. Noone understands what I feel. I can only depend on myself and it sucks big time.


First Ever

January 4, 2006

I am Joiz and this is the very very very first post of this blog. I don’t know what made me make another one of this blogs but I hope this would become more productive than the last attempt.

Although I think the first blog post should be quite informative and filling for the next few other blog posts, or at least introduce myself, or explain why I bother to build a blog for myself, I’m gonna have to put it off for next time.

PS: I have to work on this blogs’ template…