I Pause to Ponder

January 24, 2007

I read somewhere that there are only two greatest days in a person’s life. The first would be the day you were born, and the other one would be the day you find out why.

Inspiring isn’t it? Everyone has been unconsciously looking for the answer to their existence and yet have we found the answer? What about me? Have I even tried to look for the ‘why’?


A Trail of Blabs

January 14, 2007

Before you read further, if you have a website or a blog with a link to my blog before. Can you please change it to the new URL? Thanks! Ok back to your regular blogging…

Organizing my schedule and ordering my tasks comes natural to me when I know I’d be swamped with activities but today, I am distracted for some reasons. And I cannot pin point what the heck is distracting me. But just before I work on my daily tasks, I wanted to blog about what the heck I’ve been doing since my old blog died on me. Maybe that can unload some memory space in my brain. This will be long so take a deep breath, buckle your seat beat and bear with the aimless talk…

World Wide Whatever

Why Went Bye Bye

January 13, 2007

Some have been asking me where went to and so here is the long story of how my domain made a magical disappearing act. disappearance started at the night of December 28. Hosting problem? Unpaid dues? Hacked? Joiz’s mood swings?

No the problem wasn’t my hosting. My hosting has been very kind to me during the holidays, no big downtimes whatsoever. I wasn’t hacked either (who hacks personal blogs?). It’s the holidays and although I am tired from all the holiday fuzz, I was not having major mood swings that would make me delete everything I’ve made on my website. So what caused the hullabaloo? The domain name itself.


Let’s Start 2007 With A Bang!

January 12, 2007

Alas 2007 is here, and what better way to celebrate the new year but with a lot of fireworks!

As people close to me would know many things have changed since this year came, one of those changes is my domain name! I’ll explain that later…

So what fireworks have I got in store for you today? Let’s see…

Fireworks #1: Good bye

I’m now a .org! I’m an organization now! -grins sheepishly- heh but seriously, what happened? You can read the long story later but to cut the long story short, the domain was registered in a lame registrar. “Lame” is an understatement by the way.


Mataya taya

December 21, 2006

John tagged me. Boy, John, congratulations for making my day a bit tough on the gray matter 😆 Didn’t know about this thing but I’ll play along… Now I have to think up five things you don’t know about me… hmmm….

  1. I sketch images, people, places and I have a collection of my sketches hidden in my old room. My first “major” sketch was the Last Supper when I was in grade two… My mom said they didn’t know I had talent.
  2. I used to be boyish. I think I still am sometimes, but during high school, you wouldn’t catch me dead with a skirt on outside the school premises.