When Love and Hate Collide

Having a fight with your partner can leave you in the pits at times. You love the person and yet you hate him. Maybe the word hate is a bit too strong, we can say, annoyed, displeased, etc. But it boils down to currently not liking him.

Are fights worth it? I think some of them are worth it. It’s part of growin/nurturing a healthy relationship with, not just your significant other but with anyone. You wouldn’t know how strong a relationship is until it is tested. Although too much fighting can be unhealthy. It could come down to the point that both of you no longer have time to emotionally heal and it’s better off giving space and time to be apart from each other.

UPLB SystemOne

It seems my alma mater has finally caught up with technology. UPLB has introduced online registration to its students for summer enrollment. The system is actually the project/feasibility studies of several of my batchmates last 2005. How I wish I was part of their group so that I didn’t have to worry about conceptualizing a feasib, I may already be a graduate by now. The only advantage of not being in their group is the expectations aren’t so heavy and downtrodden on you. I’m not regretful about that, I’m actually happy that finally, the project my batchmates have so painstakingly worked on is finally getting implemented and used for its purpose, i.e. online registration for the college.

Yey! 1 Year!

Today is my daughter’s first birthday, I can not believe it has been one year since I gave birth to her. She used to just fit in my tummy, and now look at her, she’s all big and celebrating her very very own birthday!

Baby Fiona Dressed Up for a Party?

We won’t be having a party today since it’s a friday and everyone is probably at work or somewhere so we’ve decided to have a small party on Sunday with the family. Today, we will probably go to the amusement park, eat ice cream, beat up a clown, enjoy the rides, and all that. I’ll post pictures if we’ll have any.

Warning! For My WP Blogging Friends!

WordPress 2.1.1 is Dangerous Better Upgrade Now

Long story short: If you downloaded WordPress 2.1.1 within the past 3-4 days, your files may include a security exploit that was added by a cracker, and you should upgrade all of your files to 2.1.2 immediately.WordPress 2.1.1 Dangerous, Upgrade

Download 2.1.2 here: WordPress » Download

Although this warning mostly applies to those who downloaded 2.1.1 during the last four days, it’s better to be sure than sorry.

Sorry I’ve been a bit busy lately, will put in a post about everything going on at the back alley of my life. LOL I’ll be back soon.

It’s Getting Hot in Here!

I am not a big fan of the sun. I used to be. I used to stay under the sun while hanging out in the beach until I’m scorched black. But ever since I’ve developed a nocturnal characteristic and lost time to be athletic and such, the sun just doesn’t seem to like me anymore.

Sunny Tuesday

Today, for the first time after a long time, I went out at high noon! Bad bad bad idea to go out without an umbrella, even with sunblock I can feel my skin sizzle… ick. I will never set foot outside again at high noon, even if you offer me a million bucks…