Snooze Mode

August 17, 2007

It’s been a while since I last posted something here.

kitty sleep

Sorry I haven’t been updating. I haven’t really been away, the lack of better things to say has kept me off my own blog and just continued on lurking on other people’s blogs.

Yes, I have been that silent visitor hitting your pages like a stalker. -evil laugh- joke but seriously, I have been reading up and have been blog hopping (till I cannot find any more links to hop onto). But I haven’t touched any of the blogs I am authoring 🙁 I am engrossed with the controversies flying everywhere about the kid and his supposed ghost writer, the misrepresentation, etc. Uh… I don’t want to have to explain, just that those are the issues and I can only watch in the sidelines (dumbfounded forever ito) while the battles rage on.


Jipotpot Peufee the Pink French Bear

August 6, 2007

Me and Jipotpot Peufee

I surprisingly received a lot of things this weekend. I am loved! :woohoo:

Meet my new imaginary friend, Jipotpot Peufee (pronounce it as gee-popoh puh-fee) or peepee for short, the pink “French” bear who came in a package last Saturday :yes: and the new addition to my family of stuffed animals.

I don’t usually name my stuff toys but this one is special. They say when things, animals, people are named or given endearments, they become more special. And I have to agree to that. <whispered> Plus the fact that my young distant cousin insisted I name the bear dahil kawawa naman daw ung bear walang pangalan. :sweat: oookeey pagbigyan ang bata.</whispered>


Tres Memes

August 4, 2007

Only god can make a tree.. but I can answer 3 memes! I dunno why this post reminds me of Joyce Kilmer’s Tree poem (I am weird and geeky as always). Anyways, I am still intrigued why memes are called memes, I just used to know them as online quizzes. Anyone care to shed some light to this question?

Makoy tagged me some time ago and so here is the “three”-meme.

Three Things That Scares Me
1. running out of money while out of town
2. flying ipis (yes, roaches scare the shit out of me)
3. venomous snakes (ung sawa carry ko pa siguro, SIGURO)


Mental Diarrhea?

August 3, 2007

So I was suppose to write something deep and inspirational today but decided not to. I am not in a very inspiring mood and it would be a complete and utter lie to pretend I could write anything coherent right now so instead here are oodles and oodles of random thoughts. Just think of me as a pen that went haywire and spurted all over your favorite shirt…


How Do You Heal A Broken Heart

July 30, 2007

update post to remove bad audio clip and replace it with a youtube video

I can’t believe what i just heard
Could it be true?
Are you the girl I thought I knew?
The one who promised me her love..
Where did it go?
Does anybody ever know?

And were you ever what you seemed
Or was I a fool who fell in love with his own dream
And now you say you want to leave
Start a new life today
Those words I thought you’d never say