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Adsense Publishers Can Now Encash via Western Union

September 28, 2007

Oh joy! Looks like the Western Union Quick Cash Option in Adsense is now available for Philippine AdSense Publishers.

This just means that you have the option to receive your Adsense earnings through Western Union the day after the scheduled payment is sent.

This personally means, I do not have to wait for 5 days for the check to arrive via courier and I cut down on expenses for courier! And I get to avoid the risk of having my check disappear without explanation from the post office!! (oh the agony… agony!!)

You can find more information from the following…


I’m Stressed. We Need Boobies!

September 28, 2007

Ah it is Friday once again. Weekend is just a few hours away. And if you’re still feeling kind of stressed with the work you have right now, then these here puppies would probably make you feel a bit more motivated. I might be 100% female but hey, it worked pretty fine for me. :mrgreen:

Motivation: Boobage


Random Bullets

September 25, 2007

Prepare for at bit of outburst of thoughts.

  • Today sucks like a whore giving bad head — Feverish, throat still painful and sour, voice still hoarse (not sexy bedroom husky, nope.. just freakin’ painfully scary)
  • Oh great, as if this wasn’t enough, I am now in deep seethed pain.
  • I wish my uterus was dettachable and I could just squeeze out all the gunk from in it. Could anyone make that possible?
  • Oooooh guess what I saw in my photo archives…
    stack o beercans
  • I miss my cousins. I miss my friends. I miss going out. I effin miss drinking too.
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The SEO Song

September 25, 2007

I give. Back when I was SEO trainer (kuno) and team leader for that <insert whatever profanity you feel>-type of office somewhere in the inner recesses of Ortigas, I would never talk about work or anything with that theme in this blog (well maybe except rant and bitch about a sudden f_ck up from one of the trainees or a bashing from the clients. To my workmates, does doding daga ring a bell?). Anyhow this isn’t a f_ck up but it is work-related and not at all. It made me LOL. Literally.

I bet you guys have seen it

This video was made by *the* Benj Arriola. What can I say… Ang cute talaga ni kuya kahit nasa banyo lang! Hahaha :sweat: *cough* errrm… No really, it was a fun video. Sad SEO story, nakarelate ako sa sentiments! *sniff* 😆

Geek na kung geek. Nerd na kung nerd. Natawa talaga ako. Nice job kuya, the video’s been added to my Youtube favorites.


The Way It Was: Taste Asia Blogger Food Fest II

September 24, 2007

Accccccckkkkkkkk Now see, this is one mega ultra super bionic DELAYED post.

But oh well… On with the show.

(Exactly) One month ago, at this same time, I was here at this same place (uhm, in front of my computer where else), in this exact position. The only difference is, today I just got out of bed, a month ago, I just got home from Mall of Asia’s Taste Asia where the second (their second, my first) Bloggers Food Fest took place.

Taste Asia