How to Keep Your Insanity

As I’ve mentioned before, I am very much abnormal. And as being such, I have to maintain my insanity… Maybe I should try this list which I found in my mail.

  1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hair dryer at passing cars. See if they slow down.
  2. Page yourself over the intercom. Don’t disguise your voice.
  3. Every time someone asks you to do something, ask if they want fries with that.
  4. Put your garbage can on your desk and label it “In.”

Paypal for Pinoys

Finally, Paypal approves of signups from the Philippines!!!! check this out! Asteg diba? I just found out a few minutes ago with the help narin of Major Kontrapelo … the only sad part is we only get to send money… We can’t receive yet. Darating din yan!

At least now, signups are available we can use it alternatively to pay for domains, hosting, for outsourcing services (if you’re into that *shurgs*) and for whatever online payments. We’ve managed without paypal before but hey, what’s wrong with a bit of improvement?

The Baby who Plays PS

My baby is very observant lately. She likes things that we do and she copy things that we do! She gets jealous when we’re eating, so even if she’s just finished eating her baby food, she still wants to eat when she sees us eating, she wants to drink when I drink, she hums when she shakes her rattle (like she’s singing a carol), and lately she wants to hog the PS controller when her uncle (my youngest brother) is playing. So basically that’s her throwing around the controller.

Baby playing playstation

Baby playing playstation

Milenyo and his Aftermath

We didn’t have electricity from 9 AM Thursday till 7 PM Sunday due to the storm Milenyo (its international name is “XangZane” which means elephant). He managed to blow up hordes of billboards and topple down electric posts and cause complete and total chaos here and there.

I spent 2 nights in complete and utter humid darkness my baby already got the sniffles which triggered my decision to go to my folk’s house since they already had electricity. Here are two shots of fallen billboards on my way there. I would have taken more photos but I ran out of batteries.


lately you’ve been cold
uncaring and unreachable

you promised to me
this love of ours won’t change
but why has it come to this?

it feels like you’ve left
you left without goodbye
you left me without telling why

am I still in your heart?
I just want you to know
my love for you hasn’t changed

will my troubled heart
be left waiting
for your promises?

what should I do?
Should I wait for you?
But why? why did you go?

will you still come back?
come back to my arms?
will I ever feel your love again?

Last Email

The last email I sent to my officemates on my first real job on my last day of work.

The time we spent together in the office was short lived, but let me tell you guys that the memories will live on. I will miss the kulitan and asaran, the work station pangangapit bahay, the off topic meetings, pantry outbursts, cr kwentuhan, coffee break deprivation, the pizza nights and videoke impulses. I’ll miss all the stuff about the pussydollscats, the alindog ng midshift, the katawan na pinagtibay ng init at lamig, the sagisag ng ozfree aka rakista spongebob addict, the weed, the omg birthday ng friend ko, teenie weenie, mother dyosa, mother of all mothers, amang ng midshift, baby developer, kingkongz, bok, the tatang and all that… gosh I’ll even miss the talk about B.T.W., doding daga and tiger balm!

My Guitar Man

Who's on the radio, you know maybe it's the guitar man...

Guitars and guys are such a deadly combination for me. I’ve always had a thing about guys who knows how to play the guitar. But not those guys who have not had a haircut in ages and doesn’t seem to know how to wash their mops, smells like a grandfather’s closet, screams their lungs out and doesn’t wear shirts under leather jackets. ewwwww not those guitar men. Just plain guys who know their way with their hands… *chokes* is it hot in here or that’s just me? But seriously…


I have been hurt before, hurt all over
and I think my heart will no longer mend
I have found solace in being alone
for there is no one to turn to. I can’t depend.
I’ve given up on love, I’ve given up on “us”
given up on finding joy and completion
They say I’m strong but I’m not
Sometimes I also need love and attention

You found me, and taught me to smile again
You made me feel different, made me new
And in time you opened my heart to love
You became special, I learned to love you
You took care of me, pampered me,
comforted me and made me smile
You told me you love me,
gave me attention, even for a while