Fortune Cookies… In Bed

I have an app in Facebook called Fortune Cookies and what it does is… very much what a fortune cookie does. :sweat:

I never gave too much attention to it, until I turned on the “in bed” mode tonight.

You won’t find it unless you go look for it…in bed.

One day it won’t hurt anymore…in bed.

Go see a movie. You need a break…in bed.

Everything will be fine…in bed.

You will become a different person…in bed.

Skill comes from diligence…in bed.

Go back a little to leap ahead…in bed.

You are more attractive than you think…in bed.

Avert misunderstanding by calm, poise and balance…in bed.

Someone will share a secret with you…in bed.

And the latest I got…

Facebook Fortune Cookies… In Bed

Hmmm 😈 😆

Ok I go offline now.

Lightening Up: Peek into My Desktop

After the bad news, I am still trying my best to concentrate on my work, I have everything setup here in the office for me to be produtive, but who am I kidding… Death is not something you could shrug off that easily.

I have been bumming around for the last 26 28 hours (I can’t sleep and it took me 2 hours to finish this post lol) pondering and letting my mind wander. I hate that I feel useless and I’m not getting anything done but I could breathe easy that after informing clients of my mental/emotional situation, the pressure seem to have lightened for now.

In lighter news, Baddie tagged me yesterday to show what my desktop looks like. I really have nothing to show off but eh.. Oh wells… Here is the desktop of mon ordinateur plugging Baddie’s website.

My Busy Desktop?

A bit of explanation? *heaves a sigh and trudges along to tour you around my desktop*

Site Pimpin’

After 3 months of startup attempts, the Bayanihan SEO Contest of SEO Philippines was reopened last October 1, 2007 with the client-side requirement finally working. Along with its opening, I’ve released 2 blog themes (one for blogger and one for wordpress) related to the contest. But the details I will withhold for now since I’m busy as hell and couldn’t upload the files for them. For now, I’m just pimping two of the sites I’ve refurbished the designs for (aside from the blog themes I mentioned), which also happen to be entries for the Bayanihan SEO Contest.

Major Says

Paradise Philippines

Good luck, guys!

Blagh! Time Out!

As I was eating my breakfast in front of the computer, while reading my feed subscriptions, I got to Bulitas’ most recent post “Foul” and lookie what I found…

A happy bunch of UST Salinggawi Members during the UAAP Opening.

Great! Just a nice effin way to start the morning. I really have no time to waste since I have deadlines but I have a few minutes to spare… So I followed the link from where it came from and immersed myself to the x00 (and counting) commentaries thrown all over regarding the photo.