Plug Me! Getting a Glimpse of Plugins

Uncover WordPress PluginsEver found some feature on someone else’s blog that took your interest? But since you’re too shy to ask the owner, you just whisper to yourself, “I wish I had that on my blog”?

Or maybe that plugin or hack you’ve been wanting to use is available for you but you just don’t know how to integrate it into your template? Or can’t seem to make it work on your blog? (we’ll tackle that next)

Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy.. Ano Ba Talaga Koya?

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful.
But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering.
~ Paulo Coelho

Minsan ba napagkamalan ka na o napag-isipan na bakla? O Tomboy? O worse, both and simultaneously?

Madalas akong mapagkamalang totomboy tomboy nung bata pa ako, pano naman kasi mga kababata ko puro lalaki, sa pamilya ko, ako lang babae (maliban sa aking ina), at napapansin nilang magaspang daw ako kumilos, feeling siga kasi nga mga siga rin kasama ko.

Too Sexy for the Bus

This is just too funny and cool to let it pass..

A German bus driver threatened to throw a 20-year-old sales clerk off his bus in the southern town of Lindau because he said she was too sexy…

Read whole story here: “Too sexy for my bus”, German woman told

I think that clerk’s cleavages should come with a warning. What a stunner! Woot! I don’t think the driver was being prude though, he was being honest. The sight of flaunted assets (especially women who are “flawless”) can be quite distracting. Don’t you guys agree? ^_^

Sunday Menu

What’s cookin’ tonight? We seem to be quite hungry right now so why not skip the appetizer and have 2 main dishes.

Main Course #1: A Dose of Reality

I guess I’m not going to be able to do any celebrations for the next few months unless I make more money than I am earning right now (himala, where are you? walang himala! huhu). I got obligated to help pay for the SSS loans. Believe me it ain’t no funny business this loan my family had during the time my dad left his job because of stupid employers. (One of the many reasons why I had to stop studying and look for employment).

Funk Up, Funk Down.. Funk it!

Funky Funk Funk!

What the fu*k is going on? I was really really itching to blog during the weekend but I lack inspiration so excuse me if I’m throwing it all out now with all the ‘funk’. If other people suffer from LSS or last song syndrome, I am currently suffering from a last expression syndrome. I think the word ‘funk’ just burned itself at the back of my brain (curse you Kenns and your ‘flunky furry funk’). So excuse me again for the annoying overuse of the word. I don’t know if using it is a bad thing or a good thing but hey you can read it as though I’m saying the F word or some other word. Hmmm.. So ready? Let the annoyingly little funk begin! 😛

The Rain

The Rain

I love rainy days..

The rain gives me a reason to stay at home by the window, be alone, stare at nothing, watch the raindrops fall, and feel the cold weather…

It fells good, real good…

Because for once, I am able to feel the coldness from the outside…

… and not from within.

Nyam nyam’s Mall Tour

Fiona So here is my Princess Fiona, in yet another mall escapade. I haven’t posted about her in ages noh? Being a personal assistant to a fickle baby model is hard work. LOL

The latest about my babyQueen? She’s turning 16 months old on Monday. She’s more of a copycat now and copies almost everything I do. She also eats almost everything I do (calls them “nyam nyam”) and eats whenever I do. She likes things I use and tries them out, my sunglasses, my cellphone, my lipstick (gosh darn don’t let me start with the lipstick)! She steals my high heel sandals from their storage and she wears them (I’ll take photos when she does that again).

Today’s Random


Since the last few posts was emotionally draining and down right depressing, I have been thinking of (and trying to do) stuff that could uplift my spirits. Not necessarily interesting or unique but at least it kept my mind off things. So lemme share my not so interesting story.


Joiz’s Mocha Frappe Coffee is my vice, everyone knows that. Yesterday, I thought I’d hang around the coffee shops and restaurants, fill my tummy with yummies and fuel my caffeine dependency. With my friend’s handi dandi notebook, wearing my pambahay trademark (honestly, who has to dress up just to have coffee alone?), I trudged along BF to look for hotspots, I came across a few but ack, I keep getting disconnected.

MySpace Gives Me The Creeps Sometimes

I went online a mere 15 minutes to search for a friend’s profile and add her and in that 15 minutes of being online, I received 23 friend requests which I approved without looking at them. I bet 40% of those are spammers and the rest are looking for someone to date online.

I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I don’t date online. I did meet my boyfriend online by the way. And I’ve had 3 other relationships that started online. But that’s not the point. I haven’t even gotten to my point.. I better stop with the commercial breaks to get there..

Pinoy Travel Bug Grade C

I’ve seen this quiz in quite a few other blogs (particularly Roanne‘s and Sarah‘s) and since I’m bored, might aswell try it out diba? I can’t say I’ve been around my whole country, I’m a C Traveler. I was checking the map and I wonder sometimes if I’ve really been in those violet places and I guess I forgot to add in a few other places since some other places where just passed by literally. Yeah, I’ve been there, here there, everywhere (bitten by the travel bug when I had less responsibilities and had allowance). How I wish I had enough money now to visit the hottest and coolest places in my own country! Madali na lang mag-aya ng kasama basta may pera diba?