Where to Grab Older Versions of WordPress

WordPress is a very popular blog software used by a LOT of blogs out there in the www. One of which is my own blog. The latest version as of press time is 2.1.3. I have been asked before how to get the old versions of WordPress and I also have asked myself that same question long ago. There are no archive links to display the older versions of the software but you might ask, how do you get the older versions of WordPress just in case you prefer using that or need to use it?

It’s usually not advisable to use an older version of wordpress especially and I mean ESPECIALLY if there are known major bugs or loopholes in that blog version but if you insist, here’s a secret how (actually, not so secret at all) …

If you would observe, to get the latest version of the WordPress software (in zip format), you follow this link http://wordpress.org/latest.zip and if WordPress would be releasing a new version, they would still use the same filename for the latest.

So do they replace the older versions? No, I don’t think they are stupid to just develop higher versions of their software and just disregard older versions that may still be useful for debugging and rollbacks. So what do they do? They rename the older version and to get the older versions of WP, you add the version number after the filename.

For example, if you need a copy of version 2.0.1, we use this link to download it: http://wordpress.org/latest-2.0.1.zip

This procedure doesn’t seem to work for 1.5.x versions of WordPress though, and only works with 2.x versions.

Just thought you should know… 😉

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