What the November!

November is like the f*ck of the year and when I say f*ck I mean it is so frikkin awesome… ok not so much but this month has got to be the most unforgettable for the year 2007 for me. It is just spilling with too many events. Let’s do a recap, why don’t we?

  1. I got my biggest Adsense earnings so far. Whoopie! :woohoo: 4-digit in dillar currency whydoncha, not bad for someone who’s lazy with ads, whoopie whoopie! :woohoo:
  2. The yearbook for our batch finally came out! Was able to catch up with batchmates. Still missing elbi though.
  3. Started upgrading my pc again. Bought new phone. Bought new dresses (why is it I suddenly liked buying dresses?). Bought a bunch of toys (cooking utensil toys and stuffed animals) for the little miss.
  4. Got the greatest vacation gift I could ever wish for but it’s still fudging pending since there are typhoons and stuff. I should go to Hong Kong instead. I’ll probably go to HK indeed. Still don’t know who to take with me.
  5. There’s Lando, Mina, Lando again…
  6. Google has been bitchslapping blogs with PPP. I’m not using PPP but I’m like why Google gods? I was thinking of joining but now I’m not so sure πŸ˜•
  7. Daughter learned new tricks, was especially not happy with this one. πŸ˜•
  8. Changed templates again
  9. Booked my mom and daughter and brother for a 10-day vacation in Cagayan De Oro next month since mom wants it that means spending new year’s eve and new year alone. Sucky πŸ™
  10. My dead and crazy birthday happened. I’m now twenteen three years old. Also bought my daughter a bike that day. I became a punching bag for a stupid jerkwad-type of brother. Oh wait I didn’t blog about that here. Forget I said anything.
  11. The holy-moly earthquake happened. I didn’t blog about that either but my reaction to the earthquake was super. Super lame that is.
  12. I can be seen in a Starbuko three times more often this month than in the whole year put together. And no it’s not because of the planner, it’s because I don’t have a thermos at my place πŸ™ and I need my dose of coffee every now and then πŸ˜₯
  13. I’m eating my words, I’m putting back the scraps that have been left from my old blog. I know what I said and what I’ve put back is not actually everything. Sayang lang kasi. The happy memories I’ve written about, the posts where I met new online friends and I might forget the lessons I learned from the disasters of yesteryears. I don’t want too many history to repeat over and over. (Naks seryoso ba yun?) Also, I still get traffic from god knows where and I give up with all the 404 error that’s bombarding my logs.
  14. Something controversial happened to the PWA (Philippine Web Awards). Plagiarism and stuff? Don’t ask me about details, I’m clueless as well.
  15. Some idiots ooopss I mean Trillanes and Gen. Lim and who else? decided to hole up in Manila Penn wanting a coup d’etat but failed BIG TIME. Saw them walking in Makati Ave just before lunch and also that tank in Shell in Buendia (was that necessary, seriously?) on my way to my hideout and I was “OMIGOSH! the guy beside me in the jeep really stinks?!” :gross: πŸ˜• also bought Fiona an MP3 player so she’d leave my cellphone alone already!

Also after the quasi-coup-slash-traffic-pejoration-slash-“fuck up of the month” yesterday in Manila Penn, I decided to watch TV more often aside from watching news and movies that is. I want to catch up with the latest of the local atrocities, stupidities and whatever (hehe chismosa?) so I don’t look stupid when I ask what Kokey is, or I won’t be too shocked to see that there’s another one of those fantasy TV series in GMA with a snake superhero whatever.

Oh and just launched today from Gmail… Chat got better with group chat and emoticons!

New on Gmail

Nifty! Does GTalk have them too? Better check for updates on that.

I know I missed a few hundred events that doesn’t concern me or my interests. But my list is already too long with my self-centered ramblings! :mrgreen: I wonder if December is just as amazing as November…

Update [02-05-2017]: some of the links no longer work coz those posts are no longer existing/public posts. Sorry.

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  1. I messed up my comments form, but it’s fixed now.

    Ah, the PWA… actually, there were SEVERAL scandals, one of them being a winner who stole/modified a template (not original design)

    I have all the details because I received all the e-mails being passed around to the contestants. Strangely, no one seems to be writing about it… to sum up all the controversies (i.e. anomalies in judging — judges who worked on contestants’ sites, etc.) Maybe I should write an entry… since I didn’t actually officially announce that I lost. Har.

    Joiz: I was trying to comment a few hours ago but couldn’t and now I couldn’t access your site entirely πŸ™ (2am Philippines time). I only knew about the Einstein site copying its design from some place else, I was trying to look for blog posts about the PWA controversies but found only a couple and with so little details πŸ™ tell me what you know! 😈 heeheehee

  2. Wow, daming happenings ha. ^_^

    I am also tempted to remove most of my old posts from my blog. Not because they are things I am ashamed of or I don’t want to people to know of, but I blogged like a grade-schooler with sucky grammar. 😑 Then again, it’s unlikely people will read my old entries. πŸ˜›

    I also can’t relate to most of local news and entertainment. As much as I try to know about them, I don’t have time. πŸ˜† I only ask my bandmates about such.

    If you don’t need your planner (if you are collecting stickers), I’m open to accept it as a gift. *lol* J/k! I hope my December will be more interesting than last month. ^_^

  3. “Ok who’s the wise guy who taught my daughter to laugh after poking someone’s boob?”

    hahahahahahahahahaha ang kulet na trick yan!

    sorry Ive been busy, how was your vacation? who did you tag along? and why was your hotel booked under the name joyce jimenez?

  4. 9.you are alone for xmas ? .. sounds like a scrath-your-head-while-you-rub-your-left-pinky-to-your-right-knee-kind-of-situation . πŸ™‚

    ..moment of solitude that is a good one . how about cofi ?Lol ➑

  5. LOL Shabby, I’ve manage to collect stickers enough to have two planners! I already had them promised to my cousins πŸ™

    D.A. you find it makulet because it’s not happening to you!

    Jake, oh surez website mumbo jumbo is already part of the plan just tell me when

    Thet, thanks for sharing, I saw that in your blog a few weeks ago and it did make me wary. Mas lalo na ung sa experience ng sis mo. I hope you’re ok na?

    Finch, cofi? I always have coffee. With you ba tinutukoy mo? hehe

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