Weeeeeeeee!!! 3 Months Old and Counting…

June 9, 2006

I am totally addicted to my baby. If only my eyes were cameras I would have had a ton of photos of her by now. If my ears were recorders, I would have a cd full of her coos and laughter. She is my pride and my joy. And she’s three months old today! Yey!

I know I know I promised to get her photos up soon, but I just don’t have the time yet and I need a data adapter or something to get all those photos from my cellphone, not quality pics but they are the best stolen shots of Fiona. 😆

This will have to do. Taken just this morning.

Baby Fiona - 3 months old

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  • Reply hrbl June 10, 2006 at 12:13 am

    She’s adorable RQ…

    Seriously the best smile I myself have had in days, thank you for sharing. I can see why she is your pride and joy as she should be..


  • Reply Louis June 11, 2006 at 8:51 pm

    Cute baby girl rQ!

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