UPLB SystemOne

It seems my alma mater has finally caught up with technology. UPLB has introduced online registration to its students for summer enrollment. The system is actually the project/feasibility studies of several of my batchmates last 2005. How I wish I was part of their group so that I didn’t have to worry about conceptualizing a feasib, I may already be a graduate by now. The only advantage of not being in their group is the expectations aren’t so heavy and downtrodden on you. I’m not regretful about that, I’m actually happy that finally, the project my batchmates have so painstakingly worked on is finally getting implemented and used for its purpose, i.e. online registration for the college.

I believe that it may not look like the best of it, but if it’s working great and already bug free (at most if not at all), then I’d give it the thumbs up. I haven’t tried it yet though, I probably will use the system when it comes to that point of me readmitting.

I hope the registration wouldn’t be as tedious as before when SystemOne wasn’t around yet. But I think the old style of falling in line, going through a bunch of processes, filling up a number of forms, looking for a bunch of people in different rooms/buildings/areas of the campus, being delayed and being rushed by the staff, running around and hunting for free slots, falling in line for on more windows and booths, is all part of the drama of UPLB enrollment phase. Believe me when I say that the mere registration process can be a telenobela on its own. Bahahaha

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  1. hi joiz! musta?!

    Yeah, SystemOne’s finally out. Akala ko di na ma-implement yan eh. Hehe. 😆
    Thanks for the thumb’s up! 🙂
    Cute cute baby mo.. 😉

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