Undergoing Constructive Surgery

I didn’t intend to disappear for half a year. I can’t even believe I lasted this long without writing anything on my blog (save for my vote for Mike during the blog awards). I even took down my blog for the last month or so and replaced it with the LOLcat. I have wanted to breathe back life into my blog several times mostly for the wrong reasons. But now that I’m just a couple of sleeps away from my birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to reenter the blogging scene. Simply because I miss it.

note taking = Notebook blogging? huh?

I miss letting my thoughts fly around and talking to myself here. As pathetic and as hideous as it looks like now (and even before), Joiz.org has always been my baby. I miss writing about the things that make me who I am. And so I think it’s time for the bird to take flight again. But before that, allow me to do surgery on my blog, a bit of reconstruction and improvement is direly needed..

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