Tres Memes

Only god can make a tree.. but I can answer 3 memes! I dunno why this post reminds me of Joyce Kilmer’s Tree poem (I am weird and geeky as always). Anyways, I am still intrigued why memes are called memes, I just used to know them as online quizzes. Anyone care to shed some light to this question?

Makoy tagged me some time ago and so here is the “three”-meme.

Three Things That Scares Me
1. running out of money while out of town
2. flying ipis (yes, roaches scare the shit out of me)
3. venomous snakes (ung sawa carry ko pa siguro, SIGURO)

Three People Who Make Me Laugh
1. my daughter
2. my boyfriend (whoever my boyfriend is by the time you read this, he has gotta know how to make me laugh)
3. the characters from FRIENDS

Three Things I Love
1. Food!
2. movies and music
3. photography

Three Things I Hate
1. cleaning up baby vomit (but I’m getting used to it)
2. trying to get work done in a noisy area and so much unwanted interruptions!
3. this message when you’re in panic or in a bad mood: “the subscriber can not be reached…”

Three Things I Don’t Understand
1. politicians
2. stock exchange
3. love (hello, may nakaintindi na ba nito?)

Three Things On My Desk
1. camera
2. phone
3. notebook

Three Things I Am Doing Right Now
1. answering this meme
2. lintening to mp3s
3. coding a template (front lang yan! haha)

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die
1. Travel the whole Philippines
2. sky dive
3. skinny dip (half lang naman) in Amanpulo! woohoo if only I could afford to go to Amanpulo huhu 😥

Three Things I Can Do
1. I can multi-task: work/yaya/chores
2. I can spend hours and hours in front of the pc
3. I can … -editted- wag na, ang halayyyyy mwahaha

Three Things I Can’t Do
1. I can’t master any musical instruments
2. I can’t stand walking around and around the malls looking for stuff and call it shopping, it’s called exercise
3. I can’t perform/talk/whatever in front of a large crowd (yeah I know I was a band member, so? that doesn’t mean I had stage fright?)

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To
1. songs that soothe the soul
2. advice from family and friends
3. your brain and not always your heart

Three Things You Should Never Listen To
1. Negative thoughts
2. people who have nothing to do kundi manlait ng iba
3. people who try to pull you down

Three Things I Would Like To Learn
1. Flash programming
2. karate-do or judo or taekwando or some other martial arts
3. pole dancing (… what? nakakapayat daw yun eh and it’s interesting.. heehee uber interesting)

Three Favorite Foods
1. chocolates
2. ice cream
3. itlog na maalat. yay for salted eggs!

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid
1. Batibot
2. Garfield
3. Looney Toons

This next one is something I got from an ad. Yeah I am THAT bored I actually went on a meme frenzy.

I am Red

Red is a very powerful color, associated with energy, passion, desire, joy and exuberance. If you’re a red, you like to dress up in attention-getting clothes and accessories. In your true mode, you are sexy and seductive. You also love to hang out in pleasant, exciting and colorful places. You are interested in many areas of life and this natural curiosity is reflected even in your fashion and lifestyle. You are quick minded and brilliant. However, where emotion and impulses are concerned, you tend to get fired up easily. Your temper and OC-ness have quite a reputation. You feel, act and look as if you are invincible –and you live it out so well that others think that you are indeed a super hero.

Oh and I ended up having 23/25 in this other quiz. Dammit I wonder what the correct answers were. That’s not fair, I want to know what where I guessed wrong. Bwahaha OC moment. I swear I just read the question and clicked the most sensible answer in the choices, pagsinuswerte ka nga naman, feeling genius ka tuloy hahaha :sweat:

I am smarter than 90.3% of you fools. – Are you dumb?

I want to answer more quizzes but I’m tired of digging around, I’ll continue some other time. I don’t know who to tag, if you want to answer these questions, drop me a line and let’s pretend I tagged you. 😆

And oh yes, this was an auto-publish that I wrote yesterday (yesterday = August 3, 2007) since I can’t go online all the time while I’m not at home. I wonder where I could be today as this blog entry publishes itself… hmmm…

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  1. Hindi ko rin alam kumbakit meme ang tawag dui’n e. Siguro female counterpart ‘yan ng pepe.

    Nyehehe, pareho tayo ng dilemma sa stock exchange. Makailang beses nang itinuro sa’min ‘yan e hindi ko pa rin ma-gets.

    Pero dali, bulong mo sa’kin ‘yung pangatlo sa “I Can Do.” Interesante tuloy.

    At kung musical instruments naman, pwede nating remedyuhan ‘yan. 😀

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