Today’s Random


Since the last few posts was emotionally draining and down right depressing, I have been thinking of (and trying to do) stuff that could uplift my spirits. Not necessarily interesting or unique but at least it kept my mind off things. So lemme share my not so interesting story.


Joiz’s Mocha Frappe Coffee is my vice, everyone knows that. Yesterday, I thought I’d hang around the coffee shops and restaurants, fill my tummy with yummies and fuel my caffeine dependency. With my friend’s handi dandi notebook, wearing my pambahay trademark (honestly, who has to dress up just to have coffee alone?), I trudged along BF to look for hotspots, I came across a few but ack, I keep getting disconnected.

I got to Starbucks and for a span of 6 hours (WTF, I stayed there for 6 hours?) I had a chocolate chip cookie, a honey glazed donut, chugged down a tall mocha frappe, a cup of Cafe Verona and a Java Mocha Chip something, I forgot what that was called, the one with the banana. Hmmm they got good looking eye candies during the afternoon shift. Yeah I was busying myself watching other people while blog hopping (addict! addict!). What can I say, I looked like a very bored kid lounging in one of the arm chairs. Feeling like a student? Haha, as if.

But blech, the notebook started signaling me that the battery was getting low so I thought I’d call it quits and go home. On the way home, and mind you I was walking, the sky decided to opened up and let it rain. Heavy, really heavy. Great, I don’t have an umbrella.

The Computer Shop

I ran out of the rain and into a computer shop. Just what I need, more Internet temptation. I went online again just to lurk around the forums I frequent and read more email. Too bad there wasn’t Photoshop or ImageReady installed for me to work a bit.

The funny thing was the kids who were playing what I think was RAN(?) assembled themselves to play just beside me. A very loud girl on my left and a talkative boy on my right. How convenient.


Add exclamation points if you must. Egad, they talk to each other as if they were on two separate mountains. I actually had to laugh! I can hear them clearly even if I was playing hard rock with my headset’s volume in almost full.

I didn’t stay long in the computer shop, just waited till the rain stopped a bit and finally went home.

As if it wasn’t enough, it rained again. Thankfully I was home already. I didn’t expect the rain since it was very sunny during the morning. The notebook is still alive, in the meantime, I felt like a newly born chick. Haaay basang sisiw.


Let’s talk about today. The Sun is up again. I wonder if it will rain..

Heck, I have an urge to go swimming. I don’t know why. Hahaha

But I swear I really want to. Subic? Pagudpod? Batangas? Laguna? Palawan?

*directed to anyone interested* Ano pare, swimming tayo! Kahit saan! Habang hindi pa regular ang ulan! Hahahay

And just to remind myself… and yung mga dapat makaalala haha
142 days to go until my birthday
33 days until ‘anniversary’
2 days until our monthly ‘birthday’
1 day before my paycheck should arrive (dammit it should already! grrr)

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  1. cool. Never played RAN pero ganyan din ako makasigaw sa computer shop kapag nag-DODOTA or Gunbound. =)) LOL.

    hindi naman ako adik sa starbucks, pero gusto ko ang kape dun. sawa lang talaga ako sa mocha frap nila. :p

    ayun. 🙂 napadaan!

  2. I actually don’t know kung RAN nga ba yun since I’m not familiar with it. I just assumed it was. Ano nga bang laro ung may mga “brawlers”? 😕 anyways, ngayon lang ako napadpad sa isang computer shop after a long while kaya natawa lang ako naexperience ko uli ung may mga nagsisigawan habang naglalaro.

    Hindi rin ako adik sa Starbucks, bisyo lang talaga ang coffee and coffee products.

    haha salamat sa pagdaan. 😀

  3. sis, you are one caffeine addict! not only that, you are fattening yourself with all those cookies, I bet it wasn’t just one cookie and one donut. oh wait, mahal nga pala sa starbucks, ok I believe you na, one cookie and one donut. tindi daming ininom. nagpapacute ka lang dun sa barista e noh noh noh?

  4. Naaalala mo dati pag naglalaro tayo ng counter strike? Hindi ka naman maingay maglaro kaso sumusunod ang katawan mo pag sumisilip ka sa mga sulok. nakakatuwa ka nga panoorin. pero wag kayo papaloko dyan, magaling yan magpaputok kahit na pinadadaan sa maliliit na sulok at hindi sniper ang gamit ha, mga SG-552 Commando lang ang gamit, dedo ang kalaban konting silipan lang.

  5. hahaha.. kakatuwa yun ha.. wakekeke..
    natuwa ako dun sa nagsisigawan as if ang layo layo nila.. hahaha!

    wooot! advanced happy birthday, monthly birthday, and anniversary! oh diba, isahan! hahaha!

  6. haha p@#$% ang sagwa ng pagkakasabi mo kennots: “magaling yan magpaputok kahit na pinadadaan sa maliliit na sulok” p@#$% ang aga aga ang dumi ng utak ko! pero peach magaling ka daw sa putukan, totoo nga ba yun? hehehe

  7. mikmak: what barrista? 😯 wtf sis? magagalit beb ko sa mga sinasabi mo e

    kennots: ano ung SG commando ekek?

    ch13f: hahaha, sinulit mo na ah haha. grabe talaga yung mga katabi ko, ang saya nila parang walang taong nasa gitna nila hehehe

    detoxified_alipunga: oo nga ka-aga aga ang halay na ng utak mo. hindi ko inakalang dudumi ibigsabihin nun. ang baboy nyo amf! 😆

  8. wow pare…napakahusay mo pala tlga magpaputok, parang Counter me i’ll Strike you…nyahaha…sana makaputok ka parin nang hindi sumisilip man lang…hahaha…

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