The First 24 Hours on the Road to (Data) Recovery

Earlier this year or maybe even late last year, I have been experiencing problems with my desktop. It takes forever to load OS, if at all. I get BSOD half of the time its on, trying to open files takes forever and pretty much the desktop has become unreliable.

And while I have a personal laptop and a work laptop, there is something about working on a desktop that makes it feel more substantial. So I said to myself, I’d have to get things up and running before the first half of this year ends.

Fast-forward a little to last month I had the time to buy a new internal hard drive (a 500GB Seagate), install my OS and all my applications in there, but I do not have my files yet. I have a little less than 1TB of files from my old hdd and I plan to put it all in into a separate hdd from the hdd of my OS.

Fastforward further to last night: I finally got a portable hard drive (a WD My Passport Ultra).


Trial 1: mount the old harddrive as a slave internal drive
Result: FAIL

The bios can detect the old hard drive, but not in Windows.

Trial 2: mount the old harddrive in an old WD My Book and use it as an external drive
Result: FAIL due to faulty cable


It’s a Seagate hdd in a My Book

Trial 3: got a different USB 2 cable
Result: FAIL I can see the drives and it says it has data but when you open it, they’re all empty!


*internal screams of panic* *gets coffee, have breakfast*

Trial 4: restarted the My Book
Result: Sorta still fail

The old harddrive gives up midway into copy if I copy from one external hdd straight to the other external/portable hdd.

Trial 5: copy from old hdd to desktop’s current drive and then transfer to the new hdd
Result: SUCCESS!


ACK!I do however understand I cannot copy all my files in one sitting since the retiring hdd gives up every few hours, and that’s ok. This is a small triumph considering the trial copy makes up for only 2% of the files in there. This is loads better than not being able to recover anything!

This day was good. Now I need to get some sleep.

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