The Kid’s Birthday at the Brit Fest


I’m a fan of Doctor Who. I’ve seen a few episodes decades ago, and then I rediscovered it in 2010? 2011? And it became an addiction from then on. But let’s not get to that yet. Let’s talk about my daughter, and how a costumed meetup of the Whovian PH group during the last day of Britfest in Bonifacio Highstreeet (BHS) became a personal fulfilled request.

I asked those dressed as the Doctors, if it’s at all possible for them to sing the birthday song for my little miss. And so here it is the Tenth, Eleventh, and Fourth re-generations greeting an “empty child” a happy birthday. :3

There’s even a video while everyone is singing happy birthday to her down below:

It’s quite unforgettable for both of us even if she hasn’t really watched Doctor Who as avidly as her mom (one day, my child, one day lol).

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