The Da Vinci Code Banned?

Da Vinci Code Poster The movie authorities here are planning to ban the showing of the movie, The Da Vinci Code. Damn I hope they won’t ban it, I’ve been waiting for the movie since I saw the teaser last year. I have already read the book a long time ago and it is a very well written novel that I think will be cool to see on the big screen. The prequel is so more adventure-filled but the Da Vinci Code theme is definitely a mind opener.

I saw the trailer awhile ago and it really looks good. MTRCB claims it is the most perverted type of movie but I honestly don’t see anything wrong with the story of the movie. So maybe it says things that the Catholic church disagrees to, we have to realize though that it was just a fictional novel and that any beliefs should be respected no matter how “perverted” they can get.

I wish they would allow the showing of the Davinci Code… I can’t wait to watch it!

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