Brain in Toilet

The picture will tell you otherwise but I am actually still in frustration that I cannot finish any of the designs I have been working on since the start of the year. Moping around with a broken heart and bad ailment is not my thing. I have been trying everything to get my brain out of the designer’s block. I have gone and busied myself this year, meeting up with the guys and gals of TMB (The Man Blog), meeting new friends through Facebook and that Human Pets application, going crazy with the drinking buddies, finally seeing a big client, caught up with family reunions and bonding times, tried and enjoyed playing Airsoft, caught up with college friends, hanged out with my daughter, pushed to the limits, gone on vacation and heck I may have done it all, except the designs I should have finished by now! I hate having my imagination down in the dumps!

Last Email

The last email I sent to my officemates on my first real job on my last day of work.

The time we spent together in the office was short lived, but let me tell you guys that the memories will live on. I will miss the kulitan and asaran, the work station pangangapit bahay, the off topic meetings, pantry outbursts, cr kwentuhan, coffee break deprivation, the pizza nights and videoke impulses. I’ll miss all the stuff about the pussydollscats, the alindog ng midshift, the katawan na pinagtibay ng init at lamig, the sagisag ng ozfree aka rakista spongebob addict, the weed, the omg birthday ng friend ko, teenie weenie, mother dyosa, mother of all mothers, amang ng midshift, baby developer, kingkongz, bok, the tatang and all that… gosh I’ll even miss the talk about B.T.W., doding daga and tiger balm!