20 Months!! Yay for Fiona!!

Time seems to fly. One day she was just a small bundle that fits exactly in the fold of my arms… Now she’s an overly energetic, overly curious, overly zealous, overly carefree 14-kilo toddler. My baby is now 20 months old. It feels great to be mom even if there’s always chaos when she wails and even if it looks like a tornado passed by the whole house everyday.

She likes making faces. Awfully cute and even if you’re overly irritated with her stubbornness, you can’t help but laugh when she pulls an innocent face on you.

Nyam nyam’s Mall Tour

Fiona So here is my Princess Fiona, in yet another mall escapade. I haven’t posted about her in ages noh? Being a personal assistant to a fickle baby model is hard work. LOL

The latest about my babyQueen? She’s turning 16 months old on Monday. She’s more of a copycat now and copies almost everything I do. She also eats almost everything I do (calls them “nyam nyam”) and eats whenever I do. She likes things I use and tries them out, my sunglasses, my cellphone, my lipstick (gosh darn don’t let me start with the lipstick)! She steals my high heel sandals from their storage and she wears them (I’ll take photos when she does that again).

お母さん大好きだよ。(I love you mom)

The hardest job in this world is to be a full-pledged mother. I feel guilty that I can’t greet my mother properly offline. I love my mom really, but I shy away from her sometimes. Maybe because ever since I became a mother myself, I got nagged and nagged and nagged and I feel like I’ve embarrassed her a lot. Like she’s no longer proud of me. Her side comments always seems to point at me and it hurts. I’m the most emotional person in the family and to avoid getting hurt, I distance myself from everyone. I feel bad that this is how I feel but I’d be a hypocrite if I pretended I didn’t feel this way.

Yey! 1 Year!

Today is my daughter’s first birthday, I can not believe it has been one year since I gave birth to her. She used to just fit in my tummy, and now look at her, she’s all big and celebrating her very very own birthday!

Baby Fiona Dressed Up for a Party?

We won’t be having a party today since it’s a friday and everyone is probably at work or somewhere so we’ve decided to have a small party on Sunday with the family. Today, we will probably go to the amusement park, eat ice cream, beat up a clown, enjoy the rides, and all that. I’ll post pictures if we’ll have any.

The Baby who Plays PS

My baby is very observant lately. She likes things that we do and she copy things that we do! She gets jealous when we’re eating, so even if she’s just finished eating her baby food, she still wants to eat when she sees us eating, she wants to drink when I drink, she hums when she shakes her rattle (like she’s singing a carol), and lately she wants to hog the PS controller when her uncle (my youngest brother) is playing. So basically that’s her throwing around the controller.

Baby playing playstation

Baby playing playstation


Ashley My baby just got baptized yesterday… I was awake the whole morning and afternoon which is hard for me really but this wasn’t my day, it was Fiona’s. She was such an angel inside the church. I never had a problem carrying her around well except she was heavy and had to rest a few minutes every now and then. But she really was the angel… She didn’t throw a tantrum all throughout the mass. Daddy was there, we were in a hmmmm… unspoken mutual treaty. It’s not the time or day to talk about problems..

Weeeeeeeee!!! 3 Months Old and Counting…

I am totally addicted to my baby. If only my eyes were cameras I would have had a ton of photos of her by now. If my ears were recorders, I would have a cd full of her coos and laughter. She is my pride and my joy. And she’s three months old today! Yey!

I know I know I promised to get her photos up soon, but I just don’t have the time yet and I need a data adapter or something to get all those photos from my cellphone, not quality pics but they are the best stolen shots of Fiona. 😆

I’m Two Months Old

Fiona has learned to slap someone with her small hands whenever she’s annoyed or ignored. She smiles, giggles, gurgles and coos. She keeps looking for me when I’m not beside her, at least that’s what my mom told me. Ain’t that sweet?

I have pictures of her smiling on my phone, but I’d need a connector or IRDA or Bluetooth to transfer them to the computer… For the mean time this is my puny attempt to catch her smile on digital camera..

Mommy I'm Two Months Old!

Mommy, I’m Two Months Old!