Sunday Menu

What’s cookin’ tonight? We seem to be quite hungry right now so why not skip the appetizer and have 2 main dishes.

Main Course #1: A Dose of Reality

I guess I’m not going to be able to do any celebrations for the next few months unless I make more money than I am earning right now (himala, where are you? walang himala! huhu). I got obligated to help pay for the SSS loans. Believe me it ain’t no funny business this loan my family had during the time my dad left his job because of stupid employers. (One of the many reasons why I had to stop studying and look for employment).

Dollars and Pesos Anyhow, I agreed that half of my income, starting next month, goes to my mom and the other half I budget for everything Fiona and I would need. I am kind of reluctant since I don’t earn as much as everyone else thinks. I can save up for trips and travels and all that bling blings, but I’m not filthy rich noh. I shouldn’t mind the sacrifice too much since it’s family and being eldest, they expect a lot from me. It just means good bye Palawan trip, good bye Subic outing, good bye Hong Kong, good bye concert at AsiaWorld, (amf ang dami kong pinag-ipunan at binalak na lakad na kailangan ko ipostpone! argh!), good bye ‘bonggacious’ anniversary πŸ˜₯ anniversary? pffft ano ung anniversary? πŸ™ drama mode

Shit I have got to win the lottery. If only I have the patience to fall in line and bet. boink

Main Course #2 / Side Dish: Spamghetti

Imagine this: you open your computer, check your mail, you find 21 new messages. The words “[Joiz and the Angels Lair] Please moderate…” first catches your attention. Oh joy! Someone loves me and left a comment! but then you notice something… 11 of the messages you received all had that same header. Oh great… SPAM!

Yeah so much for hoping it was an avid reader (avid? really? is there someone out there? show me some love!). So I check my blog ang notice several spam notes on the shoutbox from the same spambot. Grrrr 😑 before canning the spam comments, I checked the author’s information to find out why it was moderated instead of being auto spammed by the Akismet plugin. How convenient for them.

If anyone didn’t notice, Gmail is already open for public sign up and just as soon as this happened I noticed a rise of spammers (IPs are all from Russia) using the freakin’ gmail addresses and using blogspot too on this blog. Tsk tsk, I love Google but com’on! Why all these spam from your services?! -groans-

Blog Spammage

I already blacklisted the whole range of the IP but while doing so, I also wrecked my .htaccess by accident and the stupid 500 Internal Server Error kept appearing on every page of the site (except cpanel of course). I had to start with a clean .htaccess and encode the mod rewrites one by one.

I don’t care who gets affected by the ban from now on I hate the whole 83.222.23.* block. Moronic spammers.

Chef’s Complimentary Dessert: Uber Kulet Header Stick On’s

For those who only noticed the header “sticked on” photos just now. Yes I keep changing them every so often to fit my current status/mood/situation/etc. I tried putting up three last night, using a different set of photos and gosh darn, it still looks ok, right? What do you guys think? Maybe I should have an archive of all the photos I’ve placed up there…

Boys for Hire JOKE!

Today, I’m selling off men, there’s J, exodus and sempai (L-R) for $10 per hour each. LOL I’m kidding! Oh but I love putting people in auction, beware, I might put you in there next o_O heeheehee

Anyways, I’m done. Got to get back to work. Waiter! Bill please?

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  1. sinong pogi? πŸ˜• 😐 :mrgreen: ❗ πŸ˜› πŸ’‘

    dapat talaga binilang ko kung ilang beses mo na ginamit yang word na yan since.. ahem never mind πŸ˜›

  2. hehehe `ch13f oo nga e. yan lang ang paborito kong gawin ngayon ang bagu baguhin ung nakadikit kunwaring photo hahaha

    guy friends? I thought they were all gay? πŸ˜† Roanne thanks 😳 most of the people I know are good looking such as yourself (naks) ewan ko ba, as Ruffa Mae Quinto once said “birds of the same feather is the same feather duster”. :woohoo: hahaha errm :sweat:

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