Saveth the Aliems!!!

my alien zakiIn 6 months, an alien planet is going to be destroyed by a meteor and will wipe out the entire 10 million population of cute aliens.

To all ye Facebook addicts, I implore you! Help save an alien! We’re asked to adopt these aliens (one alien for one human, each alien is uniquely generated by an algorithm). When you’ve selected the one you like, you adopt it and the alien is transported safety to Antarctica. You can then do a few things with your alien – download images of it, use a tool to add images of your alien into your own photos, etc. And if you really love your alien you can buy a shirt with it on it. I’m guessing the maker of this app will get filthy rich if people’s altruistic tendencies extend to fictional aliems from outside space.

Meet my adopted alien, Zaki! (I named her Atamaii but Zaki’s her real alien name) She’s pink, she’s cuddly and she packs a mean slash (she’s like a samurai yo? or simply called an onna bugeisha?). I fell in love with her because of the katanas…

So far none of her family has been saved yet πŸ™ help me save her family! ^_^

I’m guessing the app is not as fun or as interactive as X me or pet sabotage or some other but do you really want a bunch of cute wittle aliens to die?


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  1. @DA you have not added me yet! I hatez you.

    @javi and @ keysi nyahahaha

    @scarty I’ll work on the meme when I have time po, been busy e πŸ™

    @maki adopt an alien na! hehe :nods: :yes:

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