The Way It Was: Taste Asia Blogger Food Fest II

Accccccckkkkkkkk Now see, this is one mega ultra super bionic DELAYED post.

But oh well… On with the show.

(Exactly) One month ago, at this same time, I was here at this same place (uhm, in front of my computer where else), in this exact position. The only difference is, today I just got out of bed, a month ago, I just got home from Mall of Asia’s Taste Asia where the second (their second, my first) Bloggers Food Fest took place.

Taste Asia

I had fun amidst being a bit car sick after traveling from Pampanga (hindi sanay bumyahe hahaha). I got confused where in blazes Taste Asia was located in MOA and in my predicament back then, I did not care to roam around MOA to search for it, but thank god for cellphones.

Anyhow, I don’t want to go time space warping now (shaider?) so I’m going to keep this short. As mentioned earlier, I did have fun. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Met cool new people, saw familiar faces (when I say familiar, I meant those I’ve seen on their blogs but not necessarily people I’ve met before ^_^ ), saw former workmates and the food! Oh the glorious food!

Food Fest!

There was also the cliquebooth, which I vow should be present if and when I celebrate my birthday on November.

from clique booth from clique booth again

Link love all around! Ok this is going to be hard since it’s been a month ago so forgive me if I forget to mention you… *pauses* Who did I meet/see/hear/take a glimpse of when I was there? Hmmmm…

First people I saw were Mae, Jhona, and then I bumped into Jake, finally saw Anna and Ester, who lead me to where Monmon (Anna’s gir…errr boyfriend :mrgreen: ), Cris (Ester’s hubby), Ganns were… Also met Jhona’s boss Hans, her officemate and some of her and Mae’s friends, there was Rom and her bf as well… now see this is what happens when they don’t give me the sheet1, I forget the names I want to name drop. Also met Karlo, Jehzeel, Allen. Finally saw kuya Zaldy in person, hallo naman more than a year na ata kami magkakilala online. Got a glimpse of (but wasn’t able to meet) Shari, Dr. Tess, AJ, Mark and Ms. Aileen of course.

Taste Asia People

I know I’m forgetting a lot of people. Stab me if you must, it’s been a month and I don’t have photographic memory *sigh* … So anyways, the event was good, the food was good (although I had trouble finishing up since my tummy was disagreeing with my idea of indulging). All thanks to the sponsors (SM Hypermart, San Miguel Beer, Proctor and Gamble, Magnolia, Coca Cola, and Colgate) and to Ms. Aileen for the invite.

My photo whoring and camera frenzy should have been pushed a notch up and the shyness mode a bit more toned down. But I wasn’t feeling well that night if I remembered correctly. And I object that it had anything to do with the margarita that tasted more like beer. I think it was the shock of being with too many people (ikaw na ang maging hermit). Haha oh well.

Wasn’t able to take home any earthly things but I did however meet new friends and new blogs to visit and subscribe to! :woohoo: how geeky can I get!

More of crabby photos from my Flickr β€’ Photos of everyone from Clique Booth

Haaay I just love recalling fun memories… Back to the present for me now.

1 From the registration table, there’s a sheet of bloggers’ names and corresponding urls and the aim is to ask the bloggers you meet that night to countersign their names, the most signatures by the end of the night wins a nice prize.

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  1. waaaa.. buti ka pa, na-meet mo na ibang bloggers…. si kuya zaldy rin, almost 2 yrs ko na atang kakilala d2 sa web, di ko pa name-meet.. πŸ˜›

    nxt yr paguwi ko ng pinas, grand EB na ito!!! ^_^

    Joiz: Why not! EB :woohoo: Sali ako dyan ha? Hehehe

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