Paypal Oh Paypal! Paypal Now Available Too!

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

As if the news about the availability of Western Union Quick Cash Option for Adsense Publishers in the Philippines wasn’t good enough, I’ve just been informed of yet another good news for my friends online. Guess what, Paypal finally opens its doors to send AND receiving money for the Philippines.

Paypal: Send. Receive. Withdraw to US Account

Before, we could only send payments but now they’ve removed all the restrictions (ok not all restrictions, but do you see me complaining?) to Paypal’s features and we can send and receive payments.

Did I already say we can receive money through paypal? Oh yes, we can! We can withdraw from our PayPal account to a U.S. bank account or to our debit/credit cards. Too bad we still can’t withdraw locally but beggars can’t choose! Oh well, all good things happen to those who wait.

Now see that? This good news makes life so much easier for us who do business transactions online most of the time. Aside from making payments for domains and hosting easier in the past, now I don’t have to bother people from abroad to let me use their Paypal accounts to receive payments coming from international clients.


You can go ahead and sign up for a Paypal now if you don’t have one and needs it. Aah. This is a good month for Pinoy netrepreneurs, don’t you think? *does her little imaginary dance*

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