The OB has told me a week after I gave birth that it takes at least two months before the wounds from the episiotomy would close up and it will fully heal, internally, after at least a year.

What’s episiotomy? According to the little pre-natal booklet I got from my doctor, Episiotomy is incision made during childbirth to the perineum (if you’re that curious, research, I’m not willing to elaborate any further) to widen the vaginal opening for delivery. And medically, it’s a very precise cut. I had to undergo that, unfortunate for me, and I don’t think it’s small at all.

Seven months later, it’s been hurting as hell for me every once in a while. I’ve gone back to have it checked because I can no longer sit down properly without wincing for the last two days. They say that it might have been caused by the rigorous activities I’ve been undertaking lately and that I should be fine now. I’m suppose to take some medication to ease the pain in case it becomes unbearable again.

I have come to the conclusion that episiotomy is evil. Evil, I tell you! Evil! Oh why, why me?

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I noticed something fancy about my stats…

I’m getting hits from the Google looking for Coconuter and Elbi Nights. The elbi nights lyrics I can manage coming from elbi myself, I listen to hemp republic during my reggae nights. I do miss elbi, Gimik, tambay, gala around, nature tripping, hell week, feb fair and all the fluster. Let’s reminisce some other time hmmm? πŸ˜‰
Anyway, here’s the lyrics: Back to Music

But if you got directed here because you were looking for coconuter and is kind of confused how you got here, well let me explain…

Zinky mentioned about a guy called coconuter in my shoutbox a few days ago and she gave me the url. I am not very mindful of tv happenings so I didn’t know that this blogger appeared on TV this weekend I think. But in any case, he’s a cool blogger, he’s using one of the predefined templates in blogspot that is so simple that it’s genius. It’s not obstructive and you get to really focus on what’s important, ie the content, and from what I’ve seen he writes eloquently and I love his photo collections. So for those looking for him here’s the link to his blog: Coconuter: A Travelogue by a Philippine Nomad

Enjoy people!

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  1. episiotomy?meron ba ko non enjhil?LoL..hehehe,me too my experience then ko bout opertion,tlagang matagal mag-hilom ang sugat internally,kala mo ok na sya kc magaling na,pero sa loob hndi pa,pala..yung caase mo,malamang…active a kc masyado..playing tennis WOW beauty extra care ka muna..reduce ur hype tama doc mo needs 1 yr. to heal the wound internally..teka super beauty na blog mo ayyyy..ingatzzz…

  2. episiotomy? 😯 aray? do all mothers get those? you should take care of yourself. anyone who had medical stitching shouldn’t be always hyperactive. magalaw ka ata masyado. take rest. ingaaaat!

  3. parang natakot ha…single na lang kaya ako..or “bachelor” na lang kaya!! heheheheh!! wow!! special mention nanaman ako!! 1 araw lang ako nawala!! heheheehhe!! πŸ˜† na miss kita joiz!!

  4. A comment on coconuter, this guy is a typical teenager going through self-discoveries. One thing I dont like about him, he only approves comments on his blog that suit his taste, if you know what I mean. If you will ask me, I think what he is doing is nothing but for his own self, kase he found it hard to fit in with the young crowd here in the US. I dont think he even had the courage and confidence enough to pursue a girl here, which happens to a lot of foreign kids (especially boys) who were brought to the US when they were already near teenagehood. What a pity that with all his skills and qualifications, he is now advertising his own bank account number in his website to get donations from strangers. That didnt earn my respect for him. This is not what I have dreamed of what our young talented Pinoys to be doing. I am seeing gaps in between his “adventurous” plans in life. He could have been more careful and strategic in planning. Having learned that his gf whom he met at the town’s market is now pregnant, and he does not hold a steady job to support his gf and new baby, come on, that is not too responsible for a guy who is hailed to be very talented and intelligent and who claimed to have achieved so much here in the US academically. Just my 2 cents.

  5. hi chloe! thanks for dropping by. I honestly haven’t been to his blog lately and didn’t realize he’s asking for donations now, the bank account was too much but the paypal… hmmm maybe I should do that… :mrgreen:

    oh I forgot Philippines is under send only for paypal… never mind

    but seriously, I respect your opinion and I agree on parts about opening yourself to opinions and criticism whether good or bad and being careful and responsible. (ouch me?)

    Maybe someone would pass by in here and add a comment to redeem his side *shrugs* I honestly have yet to know about coconuter, other than looking at the photos on his blog and randomly reading a few posts, I could not and would not be able to judge his character. To me, he does seem to be an interesting fella. If he did make careless mistakes, may he learn from these missteps and learn them quick.

    Sonja, I don’t know if all mothers undergo episiotomy when they deliver normal… Maybe you should ask a doctor about that because I’m not willing to delve into those ideas anymore. It’s just too traumatic for me right now. πŸ˜†

    thanks raffhy for the advice. I’m more careful now. Laman bahay na ako uli. Sobrang minsan lang kung lumabas… mega hanep vampire mode na itooooo

    sorry ngayon ko lang uli ininda ang post kong ito.

  6. At least, you did not choose to quit your normal life then become a nomad like coconuter then get pregnant in the middle of your adventure not thinking that it is not good for the baby to be in a nomad situation too.
    I dont know why most of the smart girls I know tend to fall for the wrong guys. I can tell that you’re smart. It’s not your fault. Those guys are just born pathological liars, sick in the head. Don’t you feel lucky that you got away from them? Life with a man like that could mean a lifetime of misery. Been there, done that, learned my lessons and kept them with me, moved on, and now I’m happy as a jolly bee πŸ™‚

  7. in reply to chloe… i can’t help but feel like you have some kind of resentment towards coconuter… because you’re putting such effort and energy into your inferences and analyzations… you think you know the guy but you’ve never even met him… you’re trying to degrade the guy here on the web, yet the guy you’re trying to bring down has no chance to answer for himself… in fact, he should also have the chance to make inferences, analyze, and criticize you regarding your imperfect life… you’re even placing doubt in his credibility and past accomplishments… the philippine daily inquirer and abs-cbn has already researched and contacted the institutions and records he had in the US, as i myself do work in these large media companies… and who are you to be stating what coconuter should have or shouldn’t have done? we’re all free in this world to do what we please… and you should take a look at his catharsis video, which can be found on the right panel of his blog… watch that video, which was a performance in his highschool, and tell me that he wasn’t able to get any girl he wanted in the US… or to say that he lacked the confidence, watch that video and see how those girls screamed and shrieked with his bold actions… anyways, the bottom line chloe is that you’re just jealous, which is quite obvious from your posts.

  8. to emboy, whatever! or should I say, to Coconuter instead? is that you? hehehe i have no reason to be jealous of coconuter. he has done nothing of any significance yet. get back to me when he has, I might change my mind then, ok?

  9. sup chloe… hahaha, “whatever!”… oh, and what an honor that you’re referring to me as coconuter… anywayz, i may not be as good-looking as coconuter, but i think we would make a good match… so, what do you say? is it a date? our only temporary break-up would be when we’re married and election day comes around, i’ll vote for coconuter, and you can vote for the other guy… *mwah!* i love you chloe… i’m so glad you made such remarks of jealousy towards coconuter, otherwise i would have never met you…

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