Nyam nyam’s Mall Tour

Fiona So here is my Princess Fiona, in yet another mall escapade. I haven’t posted about her in ages noh? Being a personal assistant to a fickle baby model is hard work. LOL

The latest about my babyQueen? She’s turning 16 months old on Monday. She’s more of a copycat now and copies almost everything I do. She also eats almost everything I do (calls them “nyam nyam”) and eats whenever I do. She likes things I use and tries them out, my sunglasses, my cellphone, my lipstick (gosh darn don’t let me start with the lipstick)! She steals my high heel sandals from their storage and she wears them (I’ll take photos when she does that again).

We seldom bond outside the house anymore since I’ve been very busy working on a number of projects (I still am). But I wanted to get out today and since everyone else was also out, it’ll be idiotic to leave the baby behind, right? Anyways it’s just the mall. We were supposed to leave before lunch but after giving her a bath, she fell asleep! And then it rained hard for an hour and only after that were we able to finally get out of the house.

First stop was lunch since it was already 2pm! My tummy’s pets have been revolting. My daughter loves fries as much as I do, bought her a large order of fries from KFC before heading to Tokyo Tokyo.

French Fries!!!
holding on to her fries looking at people passing by

I had to finish some transactions at Smart and Globe but after which, we went to the department store, I bought her a toy dog and a few things for myself and we hanged out a the area for kids to watch kiddie shows (ugh Barney.. I do not like that purple dinosaur). She loved the kiddie house and won’t come out. Thank goodness she couldn’t ask me to buy her one yet. LOL please wag muna baby, madami pang hinihirit si lola na bibilhin. 😆

Fiona in the Toy House
Tuloy po kayo!

Ugh, the tough part was prying her out of that elephant-in-the-diaper-commercials mechanical ride and the tantrum she threw for a few minutes while we were in the jeepney on the way home! (wala kasing hangin nakahinto kasi ung jeep, inaantok na -sigh-)

I got home this afternoon really tired.

Lesson? Nada, meron ba? Wala, I felt like spitting out what I did today.

What a day…. whataday.

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  1. She’s so precious! I wanna give her a kiss on the cheek in the second photo. You’re so blessed to have a kid at a young age. 🙂 And onga, bat kaya ganun mga batang babae. Nung maliit pa ako dinadali ko rin lipstick at high heels ng nanay ko eh. Haha.

  2. Ang cute ng anakizh mo mama joiz. 😀 Happy monthsary nga pala sa inyo ni papa pogi.monthsary nyo diba tama ba? anong balita kay mama kimba? nanganak na ba sya?excited na kaming lahat! LD

  3. model na model ang baby mo ah. magaling magpose, mana sayo na adik sa camera. pero isa lang pinagkaiba nyo sis, mas maganda pa si fiona kesa sa nanay! 😉

  4. Roanne: thanks! swerte ko rin talaga sa batang to kung minsan, minsan naman haha … bibili pa ako ngayon ng bagong lipstick haay… 😆

    kennots: nanganak na sya. I’ll try to visit her again medyo busy eh.

    detoxified_alipunga: haha mana mana lang talaga yan pare. 😀

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