No Vampire Tonight

I’m going to be busy taking care of my daughter for a while because she has the coughs and a bit of recurring fever and I feel it’s taking longer for her to recover. She got the virus from my mom (actually everyone here except for me has the cough or the colds). I’m very choosey of which accounts I check on a daily basis so I don’t use up too much time online.

I also have a project I’m working on offline which will be due anytime soon. And aside from this, I have 2 huge boxes of clothes I need to wash (they’re my clothes from LB before I got pregnant), my cousins are also here at home with Regil (my cousin’s son) and there’s the paper works for next semester. So basically, my schedule is stuffed as it is.

Although I haven’t gone to any of the forums I usually drop by to, I checked a few online accounts today, call it daily routine if you might… I received a really nice testimonial from -ivory- in Friendster who by the way was from my highschool and elementary. She’s a very good friend since grade 4 and knows much of who I was back then.

Ok back to the testimonial, it was very reminiscent and yeah, I am in a reminiscent mood. She reminded me of the times during our adolescent years (even pre-adolescent I think hehehe), she remembered my short stories (which I have no idea where I’ve hidden, but probably is in one of the boxes under the I-used-to-own-now-owned-by-my-brother bed) and my old drawings.

Oh god I miss sketching. I haven’t drawn since a year ago and Now, I only do sketch doodles when I have a pen and paper in hand and don’t know what I’d do with them. I’ve been meaning to post them here, if I had the time to scan them and upload them. So Cha, don’t worry I’ll put them up when I get the time. And thank you for the testimonials and for dropping by. I’ll try to get back toy you as soon as I could. I miss you!

I think I’m obsessing about vampires again. I am not so active with my vampire game (click that link and prepare to be bitten) since after the war but regardless, today I’ve re-watched Interview with the Vampire, Underworld 1 and 2, Blade Trilogy, and I’m still watching Queen of the Damned in the background. Wooooo movie marathon! Argh almost 14 hours of vampire…. It’s almost midnight soon (which isn’t a big deal usually, right?) and I think I’ve had too much of movies, and that’s not all that I’ve been doing today, my eyes hurt, my muscles are aching from carrying around kilos of dirty laundry, taking care of my baby, … I am beat!

If last night I was able to withstand being awake from 12am until 8am in the morning, I think I’ll pass up on being nocturnal tonight.

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