MySpace Gives Me The Creeps Sometimes

I went online a mere 15 minutes to search for a friend’s profile and add her and in that 15 minutes of being online, I received 23 friend requests which I approved without looking at them. I bet 40% of those are spammers and the rest are looking for someone to date online.

I’m not going to be a hypocrite and say I don’t date online. I did meet my boyfriend online by the way. And I’ve had 3 other relationships that started online. But that’s not the point. I haven’t even gotten to my point.. I better stop with the commercial breaks to get there..

When just before logging off, I received a few messages wanting to add me on their IMs and asking for my mobile phone number. I don’t usually reply to those and since I last mistakenly gave out my YM id to a perv, I haven’t given out my id on any messenger to anyone on MySpace ever.

There’s this guy on there that I imagine could have been worse. A guy from Virginia was pretending not to be experienced with meeting people online, saying he was scared and uncertain of meeting people online but was interested in knowing if I was a real person. He says he’s going to my country yada yada.. I sent him a message saying I’m a real person but that meeting people on MySpace isn’t my cup of tea. He says he wants to be friends then in after a three minute span later, he’s saying my pictures are nice, that my breasts are nice and he’s asking what he has got to do for me to show him my boobs. 🙄 So much for ‘scared to meet people’.

I guess to other people that’s ok, but it’s not part of my culture to hit on someone you just met a couple of minutes ago and has only replied to you once, is being friendly although she’s not used to entertaining such advances. He even said, “I hope we could be best friends”. Some friend :roll:.

I met two good friends on MySpace but that’s it. The weighing scale is still tipped to the negative side. It’s not like I have indecent photos in there nor tantalizing themes or interesting descriptions, I haven’t made it personalized and I’ve long ago gave up on deleting the spam comments I get. I don’t get why I get so much of these crap on mySpace.

So may be MySpace is useful, useful to businesses that is connected to or could strike the interest of the majority of this community’s members. I’ve concluded people in there are mostly (not all ok?) a bunch of sick, perverted, spammy, good for nothings. I guess I just haven’t had a good experience with it to make me see otherwise.

MySpace = creepy.

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  1. Well, sadly, that doesn’t just happen in MySpace. I get suspicious friendster friend requests, too. And people get my contact info from the Yahoo directory. I tried taking down my email from the directories, but then… well… that’d make online directories useless, then, won’t they? ^^;

  2. Yes not only on MySpace, I get people messaging me when I’m online in YM because I’m also in the directory but I ignore them most of the time unless they identify themselves as someone I know. but in MySpace, they leave long messages in the inbox, that can give you goose bumps if you’re not used to weird propositions. Anyhooo… opinion ko lang un, di kasi maka-mySpace.

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