New Year Fail-solutions

It’s pretty obvious that I have been neglecting my blog again, not just that but work and everything else in my life! Gad. What have I been up to anyway? Simple, I was trying to forget and got sucked into a certain app in Facebook. :gross: ^_^

But I’m back for real and I hope my clients aren’t pissed at me, I’m really sorry, yes I have piles of work to do and I solemnly swear I’d finish them this week (woot motivated!).

Anyhow, I was working on a list of things I want to attain/achieve/accomplish/whatever for this week/month/year, and one of them was to post an entry already! *sigh* so here it is already. heh

Although it is futile to find a fix to my brain damage, I really would like to fix my life and I know I have my old friends and my new found friends to help, *loads gun* right guys? 😈

So back to that list. Wanna take a peek at what I have tentatively? Let’s keep this a secret ha? Here’s what I want for 2008.

  1. finish all the stuff I have to work on this week
  2. be smoke-free
  3. get a new (and active) hobby
  4. heal, move on and date again
  5. travel around Luzon, road trip!
  6. personal improvements/make-over

#1 needs no explanations. And #2 actually doesn’t need one too, I’m trying, ok? I’m not an addict but my social smoking has escalated to chain, going cold turkey is the only way to go, I’ve done it before when I was pregnant, I know I can do it again. Plus the fact that I am still in a daze due to the alien disappearance which leads me to aim for #3 and #4.

I was thinking of trying out Airsoft (Jason and Tom have been talking about it non-stop during practices; Rey inviting me and showing me images of G36C’s, SAR-21’s, F2000’s and such; even when I went to Metrowalk with the people from Man-Blog, there were still mentions of Airsoft… what other signs do I need to take a hint?).

#5 is a mini-goal to achieve my dreams of filling up my map with purple. As always it will require a pull on the budget, someone/s willing for company and a map. Now #6 is a really long story but it involves (but not limited to) dropping my weight to somewhere below 120lbs., identity makeover and lifestyle makeover.

Not that I need to explain but I think I should put this on record, I’m not saying I don’t love who I am now (hey, this is me, take all or nothing), but if I want to instigate change around me, I have to change something within me. A part of me is becoming stagnant again and it’s affected every other aspect of my life. I can’t let that happen.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Thanks Leon! Yeah it does look like a new year resolution list. LOL but I doubt these are illusions since they are highly attainable and I am doing something to achieve them. ^_^

  2. I can’t wait to get back on the blogging scene after my exams. πŸ˜₯ What’s that app in Facebook that’s keeping you busy? πŸ˜›

    Good luck on your ‘resolutions.’ ^_^ I need to list down my goals for this year. Going on a lot of trips and having a new hobby will also be a part of my list. :3 Hmm, I want to get back to watching anime and reading manga. 😐 Deprived na… *lol*

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