My Guitar Man

Who's on the radio, you know maybe it's the guitar man...

Guitars and guys are such a deadly combination for me. I’ve always had a thing about guys who knows how to play the guitar. But not those guys who have not had a haircut in ages and doesn’t seem to know how to wash their mops, smells like a grandfather’s closet, screams their lungs out and doesn’t wear shirts under leather jackets. ewwwww not those guitar men. Just plain guys who know their way with their hands… *chokes* is it hot in here or that’s just me? But seriously…

Music knows how to melt my frozen heart and guys who knows how to make music can be very attractive. Why do I say this? I’ve fallen in love with a love song by Parokya ni Edgar (a local band) and maybe someday *wishful thinking* someone will serenade me with it…

I’ve had my heart badly broken before and just before I could pick up all the pieces, someone smashes it again. Enough of wishing, if he wants to come back, he’d come back. I love him but if he’s not willing to work things out with me, I can’t do anything about it.

— Ok cut the lovesick drama —

I still want to fall in love. I still want to hear the old love songs play. I may have grown weary of hurting, I haven’t grown tired of loving. And I still want to get serenaded! I’m not saying which song, if he (whoever he would be) loves me, he’d hear the song that plays in my heart. 😉

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  1. hey!! you seems to be so sad…love is really hard..i know that..i also got my heart broken before and i was able to coup up with it…don’t wori have fiona with you to make you happy..i’ll pray for your love life.. 😉

  2. hehe love really is hard… especially right now for me because everything seems to be hanged up and waiting for something that just won’t arrive..

    thanks happy_me, I hope my love life still does exist :mrgreen:

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