My Birthday/Holiday/Everyday Wish List

These are the stuff I would most likely purchase or get for myself if I knew where to find them, and if they were easily accessible to me. Yes, all of the things in my wish list are from the material world.

I also wish for money to pay for my kid’s education, a car, a house near the beach in Greece, etcetera etcetera… But I don’t expect friends to buy those for me. Ano ako siniswerte? Although I do hope these could be found, given for free to me. Heeee~ what?

  1. A new portable harddrive
  2. Darth Vader Lego mini piece & Stormtrooper Lego mini piece, a stormtrooper mask
    Star Wars Lego Storm Trooper Mask
    I like Star Wars but I’m not a Star Wars Nerd. I know little of the Star Wars universe. I just really really like Storm Troopers & Darth Vader’s costumes.
  3. Ezio
    Ezio from Hot Toys
    Although this guy is on his way to me before Christmas, he’s still momentarily part of this list. Do I need to explain this? Really? Really? Are you kidding me?
  4. Figma figures: The Haruhi Suzumiya series
    Grupo de Figma Haruhi
    Haruhi’s my mascot, and of course she needs her brigade with her
  5. A decent Kurama figure (yes, the red head from Yu yu Hakusho) – He’s one of my first ever favorite anime character. Either him or the wolf man he transforms to. Actually I want both. Won’t Revoltech ever create him?
  6. A magic eight ball – I never owned one. I’d like to have one.
  7. Decent headphones & earphones
  8. A tumbler that looks like a camera lens. It’s freaking expensive though.
    Canon Lens Coffee Tumblr
  9. Recover some books lost, and then some. They don’t have to be new, or hard bound. As long as they’re in tact.
  10. Key rings. I lo-ooooove key rings, but not just any key ring, I love the ones that signify something, or someplace, or someone. The 2 latest from my collection came from Subic & Ireland.
    8. Key Ring Caboodle
  11. Silly hats. Particularly, a cat hat with ear muffs, because I like silly hats.
    Not like this =_=

    this or something similar
  12. Red & green Super Mario Mushrooms. I especially like the one from Clipper Gift Shop! I haven’t been to all the Clipper’s in the metro, but in those I’ve checked, they’re all sold out of mushrooms. 🙁
  13. A toy to display on my desk. I already have a Roronoa Zorro on my desk at home. I also want a really nifty toy I can leave displayed on my work desk. Thing is, I don’t want to leave my Figmas or Pinky’s there. It has to be something that looks just as awesome but a whole lot cheaper.

Hmmm… What else do I want? Long term boyfriend? Could a Santa friend please give me one? I’ve been a good girl this year! For most parts!

+ + +

Edit: updated the list to add 3 more items I am lusting over [12-12-2010]

4 Replies to “My Birthday/Holiday/Everyday Wish List”

  1. Kat, I don’t know if you were able to see the books, it’s not a complete list. Those are the books I want to have first before others.

    Ryan, he’s not on my wishlist, you know why? HE’S NOT BOYFRIEND MATERIAL.
    BAKA GIRLFRIEND. At di ko kailangan ng ganun!

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