Milenyo and his Aftermath

We didn’t have electricity from 9 AM Thursday till 7 PM Sunday due to the storm Milenyo (its international name is “XangZane” which means elephant). He managed to blow up hordes of billboards and topple down electric posts and cause complete and total chaos here and there.

I spent 2 nights in complete and utter humid darkness my baby already got the sniffles which triggered my decision to go to my folk’s house since they already had electricity. Here are two shots of fallen billboards on my way there. I would have taken more photos but I ran out of batteries.

Billboard Fell Down Another one

While I was in Makati, I suffered from a guitar. Three guitar strings snapped when we decided to play the dastardly thing and it managed to lash down my right shoulder down to an area almost close to my breast. It’s bloody on the lower area and the welt look a lot like hemorrhages on the top. I was able to take a photo of the welts, don’t ask me to take more photos, I hate the sight of my own wounds on photograph and I couldn’t focus because my arm hurts so much so bear with the lousy photo. My fever is still raging on every now and then. I think I have dengue *shrugs*

Damn the Guitar Strings

As of press time (I’m a newspaper?), it has been tallied that 76 died and 69 are still missing all over the Philippines due to the storm. I hope everyone is much safer now and already have their electricity.

I just got back home with my baby since the power’s back and ideally, I would post a whole lot more of rantings from the past few days but right now, I’d rather get some decent sleep. Later everyone.

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  1. joiz!!!! you’re back! and here we thought nabagsakan ka na ng poste ng meralco! 😯 good to see you’re alive, i hope that guitar lashes heal asap. Ikaw ba may hawak ng gitara? diba sabi ko sayo wag mo panggigilan ung strings? lasing ka ba nun?

    I’m coming to the Philippines nga pala this week, dala ko mag-ina ko :mrgreen: see you soon peachy!

  2. waaaaaaah ang sama! hindi ako ung may hawak e. katabi ko pero hindi rin ako naka-ilag ang bilis ng mga pangyayari e. haaayz

    yey! sabihan mo ako kung kelan kayo andito! I wanna see the baby! πŸ˜€

  3. joiz…..grabeh talaga yung bagyo noh?
    at least we’re safe naman khit papano.
    waaaah, malas mo nman sa sugat mo.
    nakaganti ka na ba sa may sala? hahahaha!
    sakalin mo ng guitar string…wahehehe!

  4. don’t worry too much louis. the guitar strings were ancient and were never replaced for years and my stupid friend was overly enthusiastic and really plucked the strings real hard that it gave into the strain. I unfortunately was sitting nearby to receive the punishment for messing with the incarnate guitar from hell. πŸ˜†

    good thing I didn’t have to get stitches *phew*

  5. Einjhel may ilaw na ba? akala ko lashes ng nabaksakan ng billboard 8O. Grabe ang bagyo, ngayon lang yata nangyari sa metro manila yan.

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