Mental Diarrhea?

So I was suppose to write something deep and inspirational today but decided not to. I am not in a very inspiring mood and it would be a complete and utter lie to pretend I could write anything coherent right now so instead here are oodles and oodles of random thoughts. Just think of me as a pen that went haywire and spurted all over your favorite shirt…

I am in what others would call a vacation; I audaciously left Manila with my cellphone, my camera, a few clothes and some cash and took on North Luzon.

Why did I do this? I am freaking out, I have buried myself in work for the past months and my body has taken its toll. I have become uber depressed and in dire need to unwind. Please do not try to ruin my momentary fun.

Yesterday, I was in Bulacan. Visited my cousins, almost fell in my uncle’s fishpond, played basketball with a few of my cousin’s friends. Bruised my knee. Masakit.

Today I am somewhere in Pampanga, staying with my mom’s relatives, hanged out by the fountains in the plaza, hanged out in front of the sari-sari store, watched a few dvds, gazed out the window most of the time (feeling babae sa bintana?).

Tomorrow? We’ll never know.

I want to go to Bataan, check on my mamang may be. Or visit sempai and mama ouch.

Or may be I want to go to Olongapo to hang out with Tinapot, check out Ocean Adventure and may be force my so-called-boyfriend to see me.

Can I afford Ocean Adventure? Do I even have my swim suit with me?

I want to check out Zoobic. Mura ba dun? Maganda daw dun e?

Right now, I am in search for company. To keep me sane throughout my so-called vacation.

During the day I can pretend I’m ok but at night, I cannot take this sadness, this longing, this loneliness.

On Sunday, it’ll be our anniversary supposedly but he usually forgets special dates and we haven’t celebrated any occasion at all. And I am trying to understand but I am still damn bitter about it.

I want to see him but he doesn’t have time to (or maybe he doesn’t want to) see me. Bitterrrrrrr

I have a few design projects to send to their owners but the computer stations here doesn’t have working USB slots. WHY?!~

Hello? Kulang ako sa lambing, sa pagmamahal, sobra sobrang emotera mode na ito…

My dad is coming home next week, worried about me so my vacation will end next week.

I wanna go to Baguio! Or may be even Pagudpod! Woohoo!!! Pucha mas masaya to kung may kasama ako!!! -parinig-

I miss Fiona. I miss my friends. I miss going online. I miss having a boyfriend the most (hahaha bitter parin talaga ano?)

I think I just ran out of antibiotics.

I remodeled my template. Hehe.

I officially do not look like I’m from here, everyone gives me that weird look.

I need cash.

Pwede ba ipasanla ang puso? I really don’t see it useful for me right now.

My camera just ran out of battery.

My phone ran out of battery too. Too many twitter messages received kasiiii…

I just ran out of thoughts too.

To be continued…

P.S. Demotivator of the Day – Napagtripan ko lang, I love this demotivator
Burn Out Demotivators

0 Replies to “Mental Diarrhea?”

  1. 😀 maganda ngang katanungan yung kung naisasanla nga ba ang puso. Sounds like a telenovela title. ^_^

    Siguro nga kung nasasanla ang puso malamang mayaman ka nga pero di ka naman maligaya.


  2. I love the new layout! It looks more like a portal now.

    And how I wish I could just take off like you did. Haaay. Enjoy your well-deserved vacation!

  3. Thanks thanks thanks and mucho thanks. ^_^ Sana nga maenjoy ko ang vacation kong to. So far medyo boring e haha. Maghanap ba naman kasi ng something thrilling. Yoda says: adventure we must have.

    How I wish masanla ko talaga ang puso ko hahay, kaya nauubos ang pera e kaka online tsk tsk tsk

    me needs moolah… palimos po! huhu :sweat:

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