Letters #001

To he who abandoned her,

This is not a letter of hatred. I had to let you go for self-preservation, and I understand that you probably walked away to do the same. There was anger and resentment because I didn’t understand how you can turn your back completely from a gift made from love. While I still don’t understand, I’ve already forgiven you.


To she who is my sun,

Even if I can be very scary or very busy, I want you to know that my world revolves around you, and everything I do is for you. I am sorry that I am not perfect and that I cannot give you everything you need. I try. Please understand.


To he who faltered,


To she who tried to bring me down,

You tried. Stop. Focus on yourself. Be happy.


To he who couldn’t try,

Thank you for the honesty. It was a wake up call.


To she who is new,

I hope you can withstand my type of crazy cause I feel like we can be good friends. :3


To he who is fun,

You’re awesome. Hehe


To she who should be sewing,

Let’s do this already! I’m talking and referring to myself in the 2nd and 3rd degree *facepalm* we gotta get back to business!


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