Last Email

The last email I sent to my officemates on my first real job on my last day of work.

The time we spent together in the office was short lived, but let me tell you guys that the memories will live on. I will miss the kulitan and asaran, the work station pangangapit bahay, the off topic meetings, pantry outbursts, cr kwentuhan, coffee break deprivation, the pizza nights and videoke impulses. I’ll miss all the stuff about the pussydollscats, the alindog ng midshift, the katawan na pinagtibay ng init at lamig, the sagisag ng ozfree aka rakista spongebob addict, the weed, the omg birthday ng friend ko, teenie weenie, mother dyosa, mother of all mothers, amang ng midshift, baby developer, kingkongz, bok, the tatang and all that… gosh I’ll even miss the talk about B.T.W., doding daga and tiger balm!

Thank you for the wonderful friendship and I hope that we would still see each other. Oi, we still have that road trip to plan and the beach thing. dapat matuloy yun, for sanity’s sake!!

Don’t forget the kapatirang pasaway, itaguyod ang ating bandila!

Keep in touch my brethrens (nyak) kahit san man tayo mapunta, you know my numbers, you know my email even my website… you will all be missed!

I labs yu all (huhuhu tama na drama hehe)

Joiz ang mamasang ng midshift aka badong

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  1. Mamasang,

    sino na ang bubugaw sa amin kung wala ka?
    waaaaaaaaah! miss ka na namin, malingkot na pag uwian. Wala na kme kadaldalan ni joi, wla na kme ma wentuhan ng mga rants and raves nmin sa hell na yon.

    pero masaya kme kse laya kna. we’re hapi for you.
    basta….yung roadtrip or swimming ah! sama ko dun! magtu two piece ako for the 1st time! yahooo!

    mama joiz, ingats always and goodluck!

    nandito lng kme lagi…online!


  2. Ahhh something good explain her feelings…. 🙁 sometimes i am not understanding filipino language. i wish to pray whaether google understand or not.

    Ahh joiz you leave your company ? :q?:

  3. anong road trip yan?! di ako aware jan ah… pwede ba bumuntot? haha jokes 😛

    glad that you’re free, have fun and be successful 🙂 take care of your daughter’s eyes ha? Kapag nawala mail mo lang ako hahaha 😛

  4. lol it’s ok Louis and sagbee. Everythin is ok. I left the office, resigned, quit, err.. you know… I’m not leaving the internet world and blogging world though, things have just begun… 😈

    thanks you all, I’ll miss my officemates of course! we still have that road trip to go to! sure mae of course you could join in! Kailangan na lang natin ay pera for gas at driver! wala pa license ko e. hahaha

    I shall come back to fix my blog but right now, I want to spend quality time with love ones 😉

  5. Louis,

    sorry if you dont understand a single word that we are saying. well, we’re just sad coz we will not see joiz everyday like we used to. i miss our chats and gossiping whenever we feel bored at work.

    and oh, we’re planning a roadtrip…joiz’s idea.

    joiz, malapit na! susundan kita! lalaya din ako!

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