Just Busy

Apparently, I have neglected my blog again but no I didn’t go on leave again. I was just busy with some research for my feasibility studies and the little stuff I am working on. I have a new theme under wraps and I’ll release this template out on my portfolio, which I am also working on. As it is, I already am in busy multi-tasking mode. So I had to update my blog to tell everyone I can’t update my blog. LOL It makes sense, right?

I’ll be back pronto. But just in case I don’t make it on Christmas: Merry Christmas :mrgreen:

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  1. uhm err… 😯

    I wonder who that very generous Santa would be? I don’t have a chimney to get him in the house though, if ever Santa drops by, it’ll be my greatest Christmas ever! 😯 😈

    I hope we get what we want for Christmas! 😆

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