It’s Getting Hot in Here!

I am not a big fan of the sun. I used to be. I used to stay under the sun while hanging out in the beach until I’m scorched black. But ever since I’ve developed a nocturnal characteristic and lost time to be athletic and such, the sun just doesn’t seem to like me anymore.

Sunny Tuesday

Today, for the first time after a long time, I went out at high noon! Bad bad bad idea to go out without an umbrella, even with sunblock I can feel my skin sizzle… ick. I will never set foot outside again at high noon, even if you offer me a million bucks…

wait a million bucks? hmmm on second thought…

Tell me, what’s the difference between BPI bank accounts and BPI family accounts? Aside from having the title “family”. I don’t seem to get it, I went to the bank today, a BPI family bank branch and they rejected my deposit request because the account I was depositing to was a BPI account. I was like WTF? It’s almost 3PM, the sun is scorching hot and I went to your bank for nothing? Arrrghhhh

I heard from the radio that there was this survey that 3 out of 5 women (or something, I forget) are likely to take a man’s offer of sex in exchange for a whole closet of new wardrobe! If that was so, then a lot of women are indeed addicted to clothes and shopping. I’m not hypocritical, I love clothes and I shop when I have a lot of excess money or if someone offers to treat me for a piece of clothing or two… but in exchange for sex? Hmmmmm… Maybe…


If he doesn’t have a disease and he looks like Johnny Depp in a pirate suit (ooo pirates!) or like Brad Pitt in Troy or Tom Hardy or Matthew McConaughey or, or… Ryan Reynolds from Blade 3 (and without the facial hair!). I’d take the offer gladly! 😈


I think my brain got fried on my way home.

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