I’m Stressed. We Need Boobies!

Ah it is Friday once again. Weekend is just a few hours away. And if you’re still feeling kind of stressed with the work you have right now, then these here puppies would probably make you feel a bit more motivated. I might be 100% female but hey, it worked pretty fine for me. :mrgreen:

Motivation: Boobage

0 Replies to “I’m Stressed. We Need Boobies!”

  1. 🙄 :yum: who’s boobs are this? they are…

    Joiz: They are…?
    Hmmm… For some reason,
    I don’t want to know what you are thinking
    and what you are doing at the same time x-p

  2. Funny how a simple photo can utter a thousand words.

    Did I just say udder? 😯

    Joiz: I wonder what thousand words this photo could say…
    Are some of those words even coherent? :mrgreen:

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