I’m Having a Nightmare!

Never in my whole life did I dream of becoming a teacher. Singing in front of a bar full of drinking people is different from talking in front of a room full of serious people. It’s more intense, more demanding of confidence… it’s creepy.

Today, I had to do just that – twice! I am the temp trainer and I had to conduct a hands on training with the new employees. It felt awkward and thankfully I pulled it off just nicely (I think I did, so shut up :P)

And of course I’m also temporarily the team leader and I held a meeting regarding new policies and stuff like that to my team mates.

Boy oh boy oh boy, do I even look respectable (is there such a term? or am I thinking respectful? anyway)? I was wearing a really cute blouse but I had faded jeans that were ripped on the knees and a really grunged old pair of sneakers. 😆 Yeah, imagine your boss or your superior looking like that and you wearing business casual. that’s me :mrgreen:

Wicked day this was, I know I’m awake but I think I’m having a nightmare with all these teacher stuff, being on the spot light, head of the conference things happening… Lord, I’d like to wake up now please?

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  1. Public speaking is somehting that can be learned. I know the feeling redQueen.

    On Friday, I’ll have to speak a few minutes to a crowd at a Gala event. Oh boy, just thinking about it makes me nervous. I’ll have to calm down.

  2. Yeah I guess all it takes is calming down. I made it through barely unscathed but I thought I’ve had enough of public speaking during college and highschool that I won’t want those now that I’m working.

    I couldn’t imagine them naked, that’s disgusting. 😆 and public speaking is definitely different from singing in a band for a drunk crowd, you can’t tease them with your skirt or flirty looks 😆

    darn executive/business ladder.

  3. I remember my best school exposé. We were two and prepared for it about 15 minutes prior to it. It was Summer and boring as heck. I had never felt so relaxed! We got praised on our presentation skills and preparation! 😆

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