Illegal Stuff!?!

Do You Know That What You’re Doing is Illegal?!?!

That’s the English translation of what the chubby hot-headed man from NBI asked one of my co-workers last night. And to what was he pertaining to? P-O-R-N

But we really aren’t making any of those stuff and we definitely don’t star on any of those. We just offer web designing/developing services to clients. we don’t own any sex dens in here with cameras and sex toys and all those crap. You won’t find any webcams and we don’t even have messengers for chrissakes.

Maybe a few people here design porn sites for clients but I really don’t care what others work on as long as I’m doing my work right and my job revolves around psychics, cars and article reviewing. I don’t want to touch those smut stuff especially while I’m pregnant.

I was able to go home early yesterday because of the raid (they allowed the pregnant woman to go home early to avoid the risk of going in labor), but I can’t help feeling sorry for my co-workers who I know are innocent but were still detained until late last night. I’m really annoyed about how the NBI treated me and my co-workers (especially after I was allowed to leave) and I’m more pissed with our management. I still have stuff against them but that’s a different issue.

Good thing everything turned out well, I still have a job, my boyfriend is still bothered with that fact (he doesn’t like the company’s management and I can’t blame him) but the stress and frustration just won’t leave me just yet.

What a traumatic experience.

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  1. That’s horrible, what made them even think that? And how’s it illegal if someone does make a P-O-R-N site for a client? Someone has to make them, I must be missing something.

  2. Designing the site for the p-0-rn is I think should be illegal but I dunno what irks me is that they thought we were doing was making/filming/creating pron. It’s ridiculous, we only do designing and site developing here and we might have a few beautiful ladies here in the office but we don’t go off parading them in pron flicks! oh well… really weird

  3. depends on your understanding of this law:

    (h) Pornography – refers to any representation, through publication, exhibition, cinematography, indecent show, information technology, or by whatever means, of a person engaged in real or simulated explicit sexual activities or any representation of the sexual parts of a person for primarily sexual purposes.

    SEC. 4. Acts of Trafficking in Persons – It shall be unlawful for any person, natural or juridical, to commit any of the following acts:
    (e) To maintain or hire a person to engage in prostitution or pornography;

    Just got that quote from the philweavers site 😛

  4. I do not believe porn is inherently degrading. Showing woman’s sexual gratification can indeed be empowering. The only problem is that most porn video descriptions call women whores, sluts, and the like. Ultimately, these women are paying with their dignity to get paid and enjoy sex. Then there are worse genres in which women don’t even enjoy what they’re doing. For instance, I would never in my life, however, be with a man like those porn actors or porn producers who insist on making girls puke and humiliating them. That’s too far and when I watch deep throat movies (which I for some reason, enjoy most out of genres), I get really turned off when they start slapping her face, calling her names, or laughing at her. I’m 19 by the way and working on my bachelor’s at Virginia Tech so I’m not exactly stupid. I’ve also written a novel so I believe I’m doing well for myself. However, I like to hand over power in the bedroom cause of the kink factor. And because my boyfriend respects me immensely, I actually had to convince him painstakingly to dominate me, which assured me further that he can be trusted with such power. He has never since taken it too far or misused the power. And we’re really happy. I don’t like when women pay the price of degradation for depicting themselves in videos or enjoying sex. Similarly, on the other side of the spectrum, I don’t like those ancient-minded people who think women that enjoy sex are sick or whatever. Extreme opinions aren’t healthy or rational in any aspect of life. Therefore, my verdict is that women should be able to display themselves in videos but the treatment of them in the industry should be equal to that of men. Many men on the internet blogs complain that since women are the center of the videos, and get paid more than men, makes it unfair. But there is no price for dignity. End of story.

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