I’d Get Married If…

…my husband can give me a castle as home. Very much like this, please?

Castle for Sale

Colleen showed me this link and the first thing that came to mind was “oOoOoOoh fully furnished dungeon! I want that” 😆

So if anyone out there has $15 million lying around and wants a wife. Buy me that castle and call me loljk

Ok not really, I’m not materialistic that way. Just give me a friggin’ diamond ring and if I love you enough to marry you, I’d say yes. And I have no plans of marrying anytime soon. I can’t be a bride without a groom, and I can’t be groom!

On a different note…

I was laughing my heart out more today when I checked into my Friendster account and found a whopping 100+ views since I’ve uploaded that same photo I’m using now on the header.

Friendster ni Joiz

Goes to show how great a good top, eyebags due to sleepless nights and a moronic expression can catch people’s attention. :sweat:

And yet more randoms…

Check out my musically-inclined daughter. -proud mom moment-

Baby Playing the Piano

The next mozart maybe? 😀

I think that’s enough images for one post right? I’ve had enough of problems it’s time I had fun.

0 Replies to “I’d Get Married If…”

  1. Love the castle!

    Your picture is sexy and seductive, I believe it grabs the male eye (and mine) in an instant and we can’t help but want to know more.

    Can I come over? :p

  2. You think THATS a castle, you should come to England, and I’ll show you some castles that you’ll wanna run away with me and have my babies 😀

  3. Hi ms. einjhel!, just dropping by, hehe… nagbabalik ako sa pagsulat ko sa blog ko na medyo matagal kong hindi naasikaso.

    about dun sa friendster, I agree for what you have said, medyo pinaglaruan ko na rin yung friendter ko by posting some weird yet catchy pics on mine. Buti nga hindi pang rated X inilagay ko sa friendster ko, haha… wag naman blogger turns PORNSTAR ang drama ko?!

    Good for your daughter, may interest pala sya sa music.

  4. Good to see you back in the blogging scene.

    hehehe… ako di naman ako pwede umabot as blogger turned pornstar edi nasapak ako ng di oras ng bf ko hahaha

    yeah, she sings, she dances, she now loves to wake everyone up using the keyboards (she knows how to turn it on!), she has talent. When she gets a little older, I just might enroll her to some music school or another.

  5. si dracula? kasama? haaay si dracula namimiss ko na 😆 ibang dracula tinutukoy ko hehe.. sana naman liparin sya ng hangin rito kahit minsan lang… hehehe

    ina-add na kita Jake noh

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